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"not me" Monday!

I would not ever allow my children to have a pillow fight.  No not me!  And I would certainly not photograph it.  I would also never leave pillows around without a pillow case because that is just not like me at all. Head on over to MckMama's to see more "not me" Monday posts.  And join in on all the fun. Click here to see all my "not me" Monday posts.

The Holy War Continues

The Utah-BYU rivalry is so big even Wikipedia has something to say about it.  All I can say is that it didn't turn out how I wanted but here is how it looked from the 4th row. For the ESPN highlight video go here .  

Give Me Your Best Shot!

I needed a reason to post this picture.  I know it looks silly but my girls were cleaning the bathroom with wet wipes and I was experimenting with pictures in the mirror (which I have always wanted to do).  It required quite a bit of editing and it could still use more but... here is my silly mirror picture! I joined up with Lolli over at Better in Bulk go visit her and see what others were photographing this week.

Muppets, Muppets Everywhere

My husband rarely contribute to the blog so when he gives me a suggestion I always post it! This was his recommendation and I couldn't stop laughing so I thought you all might enjoy a little entertainment after all that shopping!! And who doesn't love the muppets? Happy Black Friday everyone!


(picture by Wendy G ) I am certainly grateful these little people!!   I am also very grateful for this handsome fellow.  I am thankful he puts up with me. I am grateful for the food we are about to consume. I am thankful for our jobs, neighbors and extended families! May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I heart Faces Week 46~ Sun Flare

This is a last minute entry but I remembered I had this photo and I just couldn't resist entering!! Go visit I heart faces to see more great sun flare entries.

Close To My Heart Projects

This is the workshop project for my Close To My Heart club next month.  I really loved this layout and I am excited to take some great Christmas pictures to put on these cute pages.  I also LOVE these cards because they can be used as birthday cards.  I never have enough of those around.  Like what you see go visit my CTMH website to shop 24/7.  Go here to see how to add sparkle to your artwork. I also made this card for a Christmas Card workshop I did a few weeks ago.  CTMH products I used for all the projects you  see here. Jingle Level II paper packet and Jingle Workshop kit (includes stamp set and twinkle brads) Jingle Creative Basics White Daisy Cardstock Designer Ribbon Rounds Cranberry Collection Dimensional Elements on Target Clear Sparkles Juniper and Tulip exclusive ink pads Holiday Trinkets My acrylix stamp set

"not me" Monday!

I did not try to photograph three children after three LONG  spiritually enlightening hours of church.  I then did NOT proceed to edit them as though they turned out crappy  fabulous.  And I certainly did NOT do all this so I would have a "not me" Monday post!   Go on over to visit MckMama to see other great "not me" Monday posts!  You will be happy you did!

Letters of Intent

Joining up with Julie at Foursons again today finally got her cute button to work. Go on over and check her out. Dear Mountain Village (okay just my neighborhood) Seriously do I live in the mountains?  Tried to run outside this morning and didn't realize that the hilly terrain might KILL me not to mention the brisk breeze and the 30 degrees.  Where am I supposed to train for this half marathon my sister talked me into if you will not flatten out a little? I can't run under these conditions! Sincerely, Concerned Resident *************************************************************************************** Dear Under Armour, Thanks for making stay warm   gear.  It may save my life and I certainly appreciate that! Happy Consumer *************************************************************************************** My dear beautiful sister What was I thinking????  Running seriously me?  If I survive it will be a miracle.  On the bright side I may be able to f

Christmas Shopping

Kayton browsing the Toys R Us ad from the Sunday paper. She is a very serious yet decisive shopper.  I now know what she is getting for Christmas.  Thanks Sunday paper!!

Wordless Wednesday..Snow Play

The girls have been begging to play outside in the snow since it fell on Saturday.  I finally gave in and just had to get pictures of the first time out there!! Go on over to 5minutesformom for other great Wordless Wednesday posts

tackle it Tuesday

My tackle it Tuesday was actually a tackle it Monday but in keeping with my Tackle it November theme I figured that was okay!! I have no before picture I am going to need you to use your imagination. Picture the destruction of a category 3 hurricane. Get the idea?? That is what our toy room looked like, but thanks to a Kindergarten homework assignment and my desire to CLEAN..(cough..cough). We came up with this result..... I got the bins from Target (I bought them myself and no they didn't pay me to say this). I printed the labels from my computer and mounted them on cardstock (from CTMH ) and then tied them on with yarn. I wanted to be able to reuse the bins and relabel as needed. Also thanks to my brother for building the shelves for me to help us organize!! How do you organize your kids things? I have shown you several ways that we do ours now if you have any suggestions or tips I would love to hear them!!

"not me" Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama . You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. I did not just leave these lawn chairs and other unknown objects outside while the snow was falling, falling, falling. No not me I am certainly more responsible than that. I would never leave things outside during the winter (ie kiddie swimming pools etc) to be snowed on and ruined. I am much more budget conscious than that. I would also never photograph such things just to participate in "not me" Monday. That would be completely ridiculous and irresponsible. No "not me"!!! Have a great Monday!!

Transformer Mask Fun!

I want to be a kid again!  I certainly don't look this cool when I put on the transformer mask from a birthday cake!

Letters of Intent

Today I am joining Julie from Foursons . I would put her cute button on here but I am having link issues so until then just click  on her blog title and see what others are saying too!! Dear Strep, I realize that you love me.  I have noticed that you enjoy being here in this nice warm environment but I DO NOT have time for you.  I am a busy mother of three young children who need me.  I also have several goals to accomplish this month and I am being held accountable by my blog readers so I am going to need you to leave this time for good and please do not return or I will have to do something drastic like remove my tonsils!  I don't want to have surgery so get out and stay out!!  Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely Brandie's Throat

Keep Your Family Well During Flu Season

I am doing a mini-class on this for my neighborhood tonight and thought I would share some tips on how I am trying to keep my family well this Flu Season. Wash your hands and your kids hands. 15 seconds is what is recommended use soap and water if visibly soiled  Try to avoid touching your face especially eyes, nose, mouth or sores Get Immunized! Carry an alcohol hand sanitizer (needs to have a concentration of 60% ethanol to be effective see article here ) and tissues At home clean frequently touched surfaces often (ie doorknobs, light switches etc etc) Stay home if you or kids have a fever.  Stay home until fever free for 24 hours (this is a CDC recommendation not just ME) Some websites that I though had some useful information. Remind your kids to wash often at home and at school.  It will become a habit.  I have been coaching my kids for the last few month

Happy Birthday Dalton!

Seriously love this kid!  His main birthday question this year  "Mom how does your number change?"  while discussing when exactly he will be 7.  Any creative answers welcome!  I just snickered and told him he would just wake up and be 7.

Tackle it Tuesday

I am joining up with 5MinutesforMom again today for Tackle it Tuesday. So in keeping with my Tackle it November theme. I have decided to train for a 1/2 Marathon with my sister. It is a little crazy I KNOW!! But one of the things I really want to work on is my fitness and health and I have wanted to run a marathon for a very long time I just haven't had anyone pushing me or encouraging me to do it. I am not up to the whole marathon so I am going to do the 1/2!! I am using this site to help me train. Here's to more Tackles!!! Comment here in my community and join a more interactive discussion!

Simply Saturday

I was taking pictures outside, pretty sure it will be the last time until Spring to get any really great shots and I just fell in love with this cute girl all over again!

Flashback Friday

Note the raised eyebrow.  This was one of his favorite spots!  I had forgotten how much my sweet boy has grown! Head on over to Vaughn Family Chaos to link up and see other Flashback Friday's.

Tips to Get Kids Involved In Cleaning

There are some great discussions going on in the BlogFrog forums right now.  One that really caught my attention was how to get kids to participate in cleaning and helping out around the house.  And since I have deemed this Tackle It November I thought this was a good way to follow up Tuesday's post.   Growing up we were not paid a weekly allowance.  We were expected to help out around the house by keeping our rooms clean, picking up after ourselves and helping with general chores. (dishes, bathrooms etc.) I am guilty of bribing my kids to do things sometimes but I want them to learn some responsibility around the house without being compensated.  A few ideas that I have, and mind you my system is not perfect this is just what is working for us right now. 1.  Hampers for each child.       When I first bought them I was thinking it was a waste of money but now I am so glad I have them.  I do not pick up any little kid clothes they are always in the hamper.  Sometimes even clean

Wordless Wednesday..What is going on here??

Not even sure what I was trying to capture here but I can't stop laughing at it now!  Go visit 5MinutesforMom for more great Wordless Wednesday posts.

tackle it Tuesday

I am joining up with 5mintesformom today for tackle it Tuesday. I am really behind on A LOT of things lately and not only am I going to tackle it Tuesday I am deeming this Tackle IT November. My two main projects are going to be my master bedroom and general picking up. One of the main reasons we bought this house was because of the master bedroom, we even upgraded a few things knowing that it would be a great place for us to hang out and enjoy. But much to my dismay, I rarely even go in my room. It is messy and unorganized and the room I just throw everything into when I am trying to clean other areas. So this month I am going to make it a better place. A few things I have already done...made a comforter that I like, changed the curtains and bought paint for the walls. Of course the paint is still in the cans on the floor but I promise I will get it done this month (pending any real disasters). We did put in this closet organizer and paint the closet. It has helped

"Not me" Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama . You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. I did not take my kids to someone else's trunk-or-treat on Friday so that on Halloween I could leave them at home with my mom and go to a football game.  I would never do that knowing I cried when I missed Dalton's first Halloween because I had to work; so I would never really miss out on a Halloween with my kids! Nope not me! I also did not fall back asleep this morning after I sent my kids to the bus.  That would be lazy and ridiculous considering all the catching up I have to do from being sick last week.