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More things that make me smile

the back view note the pose!
I caught her mid "Cheese!"

So Kayton felt so left out because she couldn't take swimming lessons she carried her swimming suits around where ever we went. She took it to bed with her, she took it to the pool with her, she took it to the store with her and Thursday morning this is how she looked when I woke up. I am pretty sure big sister had a hand in this.

Swimming in the backyard


Dalton and Peyton took swimming lessons the past two weeks. They had such a great time. I however did not photograph one second of it. Carrying one more bag to the Gene Fullmer Fitness Center just seemed more than I could bear. So instead I have some great shots of all the swimming fun in the backyard.

Summer fun!

So I know we have year round school, which is a good thing!  Don't mistake my tone.  I LOVE year round school but if you are looking for some fun activities I have a few suggestions.  Okay I only have one but I am going to tell you what we are going to be doing this summer despite school.We are doing swimming lessons at Gene Fullmer Fitness Center.  The pool is indoors and the classes are very small!  Hooray!  Well it is probably because of the economy but either way! Also for school age kids at Allstar Lanes on 7800 South and Redwood Road bowling is free 9am-6pm for the first game.  You only have to pay for the shoe rental.  Today all three kiddos and I bowled one full game for about $6.50.  I thought that was pretty good.  They had shoes small enough for Katie-bug.  It was quite fun and cheap.  I guess if you have your own bowling shoes it is even cheaper AND if you want to do more than one game it is only $1.50 per game.  Just an idea.  Enjoy!

2nd Dance Recital Down ? to go.....

The solo (or duet) with Lainey.
Finding mom and dad in the crowd.
Practicing for her shoot with Glamour or Vogue
Uh more practicing?  Who is raising this kid?

Happy Birthday Peyton!

We started the day with present opening and a pancake breakfast.

Then dance rehearsal.

Then bowling!

And ended with dinner at Applebee's and cake at the house!  It was an exhausting Birthday.  But it was totally worth it!
Happy Birthday may all your wishes come true Peyton!

Post edit:  The day involved several wardrobe changes as you see here!  Such a girl!

Sushi and Birthday Service

Pretty sure if you talk about all the service you did it kind of negates the activity.  But since I helped paint my grandparents house on my birthday I can talk about it just a little bit more.  It was actually a pretty fun day.  My brother, uncle, mom and dad did the hard part and mostly I just chased my kids around and made sure they didn't drown in the pool next door.  Thanks Jamie for watching them for me!   I have been dreading this birthday all year not because of what I was going to do of course but because of how old I am now.  But really I feel no different.  Thank goodness!  I know you are all laughing and that is okay. 
The night before my birthday we spent as a family eating yummy Pampered Chef recipes and a fresh strawberry cake.
We were going to go out on my birthday but we were all exhausted from a day in the sun Jeff at Ute shoot and us in Lehi so we came home and had sushi from Tepanyaki (my favorite!!)  We laughed about the first time I had raw fish 9 years ago at a…

Things that make me laugh!

Overheard at dinner at Chili's Dalton "Dad you got taco buns with your food"  referring to tortillas.
Dalton during family home evening "Daddy goes to work so we can have money to buy things.  Mom goes to work to take care of people."  Oh so true!

He is pretty funny.  I wish I could remember all the things he says that make me laugh out loud but until then these will do for now.

Peyton's Preschool Graduation

a very serious student indeed
Peyton with Miss Amy she was also Dalton's teacher and we have really enjoyed her!
Peyton, Allie and Kayton gettin down to the Toodie Ta Dance

The night was filled with sining and great performances only appreciated by the parents of the participants.  It was fun to see all they have learned all year and obviously Peyton was having a great time!  Here's to starting Kindergarten in a few short weeks ahhh!