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Wordful Wednesday~Spring??

This is what we woke up to this morning.  Sadly now as I am posting there is twice as much snow outside. I am not surprised I am however disappointed.  Santa brought the trampoline for Christmas and it has been up for less than a week and already got snowed on.  My kids reassured me that it would be okay if the tramp got snow on it.  My son also questioned my shoe selection this morning saying "Mom don't you think it is a little to cold for those shoes"
He was right but I wore them anyway. I want it to be spring I miss my CUTE shoes!
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I Heart Faces Week 13~ Dramatic B&W

I haven't done an i heart faces entry in a while so I thought I would give it a go.  I just like the idea of i heart faces.  I am of course a novice and I don't mind that.  I have always loved black and white photos and I thought this one was a little dramatic considering I captured a serious look when there was ice cream and LOTS of playing on this day.

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"not me" Monday!

I did not watch the entire episode of Undercover Boss last night and cry like a baby.  I would never be that touched by people I have never met.

I did not laugh at my two year last night when she woke up crying and said "That doctor did not fix my leg!"  She went to the doctor a week ago for an ear-infection and got medications for that.  I did not know that the doctor needed to fix her leg and I DID NOT find it very amusing for some SAD reason.

I also do not wish it was still "Spring Break" and I do not wish we were doing fun activities like this.  

I am an adult and I do not ever wish for a life free from responsibilities.  I know that is completely irrational and I would never be guilty of such feelings and thoughts.
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Thank You Very Much!

To my lovely follower who un-followed me this morning.  Thank you very much for making me panic thinking I did something wrong and am now paranoid that others will follow you.

To the sinus infection I had last week that is still lingering slightly.  Thank you for making me feel like I was going to die for over a week and for making it nearly impossible to accomplish any task.

To the schizophrenic weather we have been having make up your mind already... Which is it going to be sunshine or snow, cold or warm?  Pick one and stick with it you are killing me!

To all my commenters you make my day with the little things you say thanks for coming back day after day and making me smile.

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Wordless Wednesday~Spring Break Rukus Style

I love family trips.  They are almost always filled with lots of swimming, sun, and lots of laughs.  This weekend did not disappoint.  In fact we were having such a great time we decided to extend by one day which included an unplanned switch from our hotel to our time-share.  We like to keep things exciting!  I mean really it isn't called a Rukus for no reason.  This next picture further proves my point.. it was one of MANY shots..
It was the daddy's idea to take the picture and by this point he had on his fake smile and apparently his head was way more interesting than anything I could be doing with the camera.  But I get a big smile on my face when I think about the trip so I know Rukus or not it was completely worth every minute.
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PS--I totally have a sunburn and I am so happy about that!

Bloggography Week 6~Exposure Compensation

I had a lot of fun with this challenge.  It was amazing that I could make pictures look great without having to use my flash.  I played with it all week but I had the most fun with it while my kids were in the pool at our quick get-a-way {more about that later}
I wanted to show exactly what I could do by adding and subtracting light so I shot this palm tree twice once here with "subtracted" light....
And then here with "added" light.  Both of these are WAY over done but I just wanted to see what my camera could do.
I loved that I could completely change the look of the water
If you want to learn more about your camera link up with Lolli at Better In Bulk and Manic Mother.

Five Question Friday

Joining up with Mama M. over at My LIttle LIfe for Five Question Friday today. So here goes.....

1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting?
Not that I know of. I don't think I would recognize one if I saw them. And wait, in my own little world I am a celebrity {insert evil laugh here}

2. What temperature do you keep your house?
Apparently much too warm in winter and much too cool in the summer based on my utility bills. My goal temperatures are 68-72 in the winter and 78-80 in the summer but I am not very good at sticking with that.

3. Do you notice dust at other peoples homes?
Nope not even a little. I hate to dust and I don't do it so I certainly don't notice at anyone else's house and if you come over here don't tell me cause I already know it's dusty! Thanks.

4. What is the worst job you ever had?
Well there have been a few..... but the worst one I think was when I first moved to California right after I got my Bachelor's in nursing and I worked at a hospita…

Close To My Heart Project

I haven't been on the computer much this week.  I have been sick and my baby has been sick.  We went to the doctor for the third time today in a week.  So sorry to have been absent from commenting and here.  Hope you will all forgive me.  It has also been a little warmer outside so we have been enjoying that too.  Here is a layout that I have been working on for my scrap-booking this week.  It is not completed but you get the idea right??
 I used all Close To My Heart products.  If you want to make something similar you can order from my website any time.  Here is my website.  
Gotta run needing to snuggle a sick 2 year old.

Wordless Wednesday~Spring Yard Work

I sent the kids outside multiple times yesterday.  They are off track and they are getting pretty restless. When I went out to snap a few pictures and practice my bloggography assignments this is what I saw.  Kayton working in my flower bed... Sorry not so Wordless.
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Weekend Activities

We were ready for spring but instead we got a huge winter storm.  It was okay because it melted pretty quickly.  But the kids didn't pass up the opportunity to try and catch those HUGE flakes.  
I promise I didn't let them stay out long without coats and.... um shoes.
Sorry I have been absent from the blogging world.  I have been terribly sick. Finally went to the doctor yesterday and hopefully I am on the mend.

Vlogging again.

So I did it again.  Vlogged and then realized I look ridiculous and my house is a mess.  Don't mind the sultry voice and the whole right side of my face looking swollen and droopy it must be my cold.  I did at least comb my hair and wear makeup although you can't really tell.  Oh well it is only about 53 seconds so you won't feel like you wasted as much time as I did today.  

Flashback Friday~Cousin Time

Although this seems like just yesterday it was six years ago.  I was afraid Dalton was going to squeeze his cute cousin's head right off.  But he survived just fine.  You should see all these kids now I can't believe  they are all so grown up!

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

I love this recipe.  I first made it 7 or 8 years ago for a church function.  I was taking a risk having never tried it myself but, lucky for me it was a huge hit and remains one of my favorites.  I decided to throw it together today because it has been really cold here today and I have a cold.  As many of you know there is no better cure for cold weather and a cold than hot soup.
My food photography is something to be desired I know but you get the idea right?


4 chicken breasts
2 15 oz. cans black bean, undrained
2 15 oz cans Rotel Tomatoes
1 cup salsa (any kind will do)  I used fresh homemade today
14.5 oz can tomato sauce 

Combine all these ingredients in your crock pot and cook on low for 8 hours.  Don't have 8 hours it cooks on high just fine in about half the time.  Just before you serve it take out the chicken breasts and cut them into bite-sized pieces and stir back into soup.

We like it served over tortilla chips and I top it with a Mexican Blend shredded cheese and top wit…

Not so Wordless Wednesday~Say Cheese

While practicing for my bloggography challenge I was snapping these pictures and I just couldn't resist editing this picture.  I love how the background is blown out and the expression on her silly little face. She is mid "CHEESE" which I love because my kids are famous for saying cheese but not smiling.  So because I couldn't be completely Wordless I am joining with Angie at Seven Clown Circus and as always 5MinutesforMom.

Bloggography Week 5~Exposure Triangle

I have been taking pictures of everything that moves in this house... which is just children.  I was particularly excited about this challenge from last week.  I did discover it is hard to get your models to hold still while you are trying to figure out aperture, shutter speed and ISO.  This first shot I love (even though it's not perfect).  Peyton was running outside and I got her up stop for a moment in front of our white fence and I just love the blown out look.  I shot all of these with an ISO of 800 (I did  play around with ISO 1600 but I felt like my pictures were too grainy and I like to print them BIG to scrap book them)
This one I shot with  a low f stop 5.6(that gave me the blown out background) and my camera adjusts the shutter speed when I change the aperture in the mode I was using (A). I really could have done a higher f-stop but she was moving too fast for me to readjust.  Oh well.

These next two pictures don't show anything great other than the lighting is pretty…

A Random Post

I don't love the Oscar's.  I usually get all up in arms about something that Sean Penn says and then I get mad and it ruins the whole thing for me.  But last night I was smart.  I purposely watched something else so I could fast-forward anyone I didn't want to see or hear.  This woman I could have listened to all night long.  I thought she was so genuine.  She was so excited it was making her sick (she was short of breath).  Those are the kinds of people who deserve this prestigious award and I am so glad she won.  
I also think that Sandra Bullock is amazing.  I have always loved her in all her movies she is so cute and real.  I was so happy she won for the role she played in "The Blind Side"  I loved that movie.  I cried like a baby.  There is nothing greater than a mother's love.... right?

Then I ruined my lovely Oscar night by watching the local news.  Seriously why would I do that you ask? Not sure but I realized that I need to get in gear and make sure th…

Give Me Your Best Shot!

This week I am again linking up with Lolli over at Better in Bulk for Give Me Your Best Shot.  This week started out so beautiful.  It seemed like Spring may  be right around the corner and I was so excited.  The kids were able to play outside and the sun actually felt warm.
But it was too good to be true because this morning we woke up to this...
Oh well I guess I will just have to wait until Spring REALLY arrives.

Hosted by Cecily and Kelli

Thank You Very Much!

Thank you very much Anonymous for setting me straight.  I mean really thank you for telling me things that are NOT my business and that I do not care about.  I am a blogger and a blog reader.  I enjoy humor, pictures, and people that comment back.  I don't care if they have a crazy life..... by the way we all have crazy lives.  And if you aren't brave enough to tell me your name then I don't need to hear what you have to say!

Thank you very much Target for having Cadbury Mini-eggs cheaper than the other stores.  I mean really I appreciate saving the $.21 but if you are going to sell ones from last year that are all broken and ruined maybe they should be WAY less than that.  So thank you very much but I will pay the extra $.21 and get them at the other store.

Thank you year round school for letting this be our last week of school so we can have a nice little break. I am really tired and need a break.  Oh wait I don't go to school...  I still need a break.  Thanks.

Thanks t…

Wordless Wednesday~Crazy Hair Day

If you know us, you know that EVERYday really is Crazy Hair Day but today we did it on purpose for "Literacy Week" at school. I must say she kinda ROCKS the crazy hair thing though right??   Speaking of literacy join me in my community for some discussions on reading to your kids.
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True Story Tuesday

So because of this post from last week I am now writing this post.  
I was showering away last night after everyone had already gone to bed.  Because well that's when mom's shower you know.  You stink all day and do all your work and then you shower at night when it is dark and quiet.  So I am exfoliating my face and I hear a noise, just a quiet bump in the night. You know those sounds you always hear at night and never check them out.  But I didn't pay any attention after all there are four other people here all sleeping right.  So my eyes are closed I am exfoliating like I said then... wait you need to know one detail: my shower door is clear glass.... I opened my eyes and nearly jumped out of my skin.  And then I realized, it was just me.  Yep... I scared myself.  Got my heart rate up and everything. Everyone else was just sleeping away and I was in the shower scaring myself.  Didn't realize I was so jumpy.  
So after I scared myself I proceeded to write this post in …

"not me" Monday!

I did not photograph this sick little girl. Nope "not me" I would never take pictures of my kids when they're sick.  Who want to be photographed when they don't feel good?  Certainly "not me" so why would I torture my poor sweet child like that?
Today is crazy sock day at school for literacy week and I certainly did not just tell my children to wear two different socks.  That would be lazy.  I then did NOT take a picture of their non-matching socks to document my laziness.  I also did not think that if it were the 80's I would certainly have some seriously crazy socks for my kids to wear because of course I am NOT that old.
Oh I also did not take these pictures using Manual settings on my camera for the first time.  Nope "not me"  I have not been using the GREEN auto button for over a year and I am NOT scared to venture out and try something new NOPE "not me".
Hope you are all having a fabulous "not me"  Monday.  Head on over …