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Look at my silly girls.  I just couldn't resist snapping these pictures.  They are really starting to have fun together.  It is pretty fun to watch!

Blue Easter

I couldn't get them to hold still or quit saying "CHEESE!"  

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it doesn't have to be a big deal.  I mean spiritually it is a big deal but it doesn't require a lot of prep work.  I always feel renewed and refreshed after Easter.  Here's to a great spring and summer!

She's Almost Two....

What's a mother to do??

The Casts Are Off Hooray!!

A little nervous before the removal but still trying to smile!

Nurse Sherri taking off those stinky things,  she was great.  She talked Dalton through the whole procedure and kept telling him how brave he was and what a good patient he was.  I was so PROUD.

Normal shoes oh so much better.  

action squad.....ACTIVATE!

Fighting crime in your neighborhood soon!
This is the sweetest action photo ever.