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Keep Your Family Well During Flu Season

I am doing a mini-class on this for my neighborhood tonight and thought I would share some tips on how I am trying to keep my family well this Flu Season.

  • Wash your hands and your kids hands. 15 seconds is what is recommended use soap and water if visibly soiled 
  • Try to avoid touching your face especially eyes, nose, mouth or sores
  • Get Immunized!
  • Carry an alcohol hand sanitizer (needs to have a concentration of 60% ethanol to be effective see article here) and tissues
  • At home clean frequently touched surfaces often (ie doorknobs, light switches etc etc)
  • Stay home if you or kids have a fever.  Stay home until fever free for 24 hours (this is a CDC recommendation not just ME)
Some websites that I though had some useful information.

Remind your kids to wash often at home and at school.  It will become a habit.  I have been coaching my kids for the last few months and they are really getting good at remembering (even better than me sometimes).  Hope you find some of these tips helpful.  Here's to staying well!!!


Mandy said…
So far so good for our family! I am praying we will get through the season without any big episodes. However, our school is way down in attendance these days due to sick kids.
Cynthia said…
I just assumed all hand sanitizers worked the same. Now I'll have to go check ours out and make sure they're okay. Thanks for the heads up!
Tara said…
Thanks for this information but as I sat here and came to point 2, guess where my hand was located? In close proximity to my face....ok, my chin was planted firmly in my palm! I've washed recently but still a good reminder to keep them away from your facial area just out of habit.
Rachel said…
We are really hesitant to use the alcohol based rubs... a friend's kiddo was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning after drinking the one my friend carried in her purse - kids! Sheesh!

It's so hard and confusing, there are so many pros/cons to parenting!

P.S. We mentioned you in our blog carnival and would love for you to participate again. Feel free to grab an "I've been featured button"
Gina said…
I had the Flu jab early in the season but am now being offered the "Swine Flu" jab free for the family (kids aged 10 and over) by the Australian government. Few people are taking up the offer as they are worried it has been rushed out and not tested. I am interested to hear what US opinion is..?
Brandie said…
The operative word in this post is TRYING!! I am so sick right now grrr!
Gina said…
Thanks for your answer to my question. As a nurse I too just assumed it was the right thing to do but I was taken aback by the number of staff in the tea room speaking negatively. If so many educated people were not planning on being vaccinated it made me question my initial gut feeling. I think I will still go ahead and have our family jabs. Thans for your advice!
*~Petra~* said…
Wow, awesome tips! Thanks. :) I didn't know that about the hand sanitizer either... and what a great reminder about all the door knobs and light switches... We have so many teenagers come through our house... no wonder we have been so sick! :(
Big Mama Cass said…
Right on! Awesome tips! Thanks!
Carly said…
Thanks for the great advice and reminders!

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