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Letters of Intent

Today I am joining Julie from Foursons. I would put her cute button on here but I am having link issues so until then just click  on her blog title and see what others are saying too!!

Dear Strep,
I realize that you love me.  I have noticed that you enjoy being here in this nice warm environment but I DO NOT have time for you.  I am a busy mother of three young children who need me.  I also have several goals to accomplish this month and I am being held accountable by my blog readers so I am going to need you to leave this time for good and please do not return or I will have to do something drastic like remove my tonsils!  I don't want to have surgery so get out and stay out!!  Thank you for your understanding.

Brandie's Throat


Lisa said…
OH! I had to have my tonsils out at the age of 29 because of strep! I totally feel for you! Get better soon!
R Clan said…
LOL I feel your pain...literally! I say ditto to your letter!
Cynthia said…
Awh man! Sorry you are sick. Moms seriously do NOT have time for this- especially the next couple of months. Hot Lemonade is your friend- it really helps that 'hamburger throat' feeling.
Tara said…
Cynthia said Hot Lemonade...I had never heard that before.

I hope you get better soon! Moms really don't get time off for being sick. Hope you are being well taken care of.
Foursons said…
Oh how awful! I hope you get better and stay better too. Healing from tonsil surgery as an adult is so much worse than as a child. Not sure why, I just know that my ENT filled me in on that tidbit.

Thanks for linking up, I hope your tonsils take your letter seriously!~
Brandi said…
Ugh... I think as moms we should be immune to illness. It's really hard to take care of the kiddos when you feel like crap. Hope you feel better soon! :)
Gosh, it's so hard when we don't feel well. Hoping for a quick recovery.


Windmills and Tulips
Michelle Pixie said…
I sure hope your tonsils got the message too and stop making strep throat feeling at home! YUCK! I still have my tonsils but my Diva had hers out when she was two and it was awful & I hear its worse the older you are. Gosh I am a pocket full of sunshine ~ I didn't mean to scare you, just hoping you get better soon!!
Melissa said…
Ouch. Feel better soon! Great letter!
Kmama said…
Oh, that is terrible. I'm so sorry you are sick!!
Unknown said…
I hate strep...Get well soon!
Stone Fox said…
i used to get tonsillitis and/or strep a couple of times a year, until my doctor threatened to take my tonsils out. i didn't get it for years! after that. i have only had it a few times in my adulthood. knock wood, because strep and tonsillitis SUCK!

great letter! :) who has time to be sick? i have stuff to do!
I had strep all the time as a child-- it even morphed into Scarlet Fever (what Helen Keller had!) twice! I never got my tonsils out... how, I don't know... but last week, I swore they needed to be removed!

I hope that nasty strep leaves you-- and your family-- alone!

Rachel said…
So sorry! I've had strep a million times and it is so much worse when you have MOM things to do!

Hope you're better soon!

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