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Dalton's Farewell to Preschool...

We went to Preschool Graduation at the Bingham Creek Library on Wednesday night.  It was pretty cute.  They did all sorts of songs and even a little dancing.  Dalton had such a cute class this past year.  They have all grown up so much.  
He looks bored here but he was just a little nervous and he was waiting his turn to get his diploma

Amy Funk was his teacher.  She is so great she does a wonderful job.  I can't wait for Peyton to go in the fall.


So I totally got burned by my photographer.  Well he doesn't photograph me just the children because they are way more photogenic than I.  Anyway I made a rude comment on his blog about not updating and he slammed me good.  But he did update his blog!!  So I am apologizing blogically (that is not a word but it didn't like publicly either) So check out his blog here because my cute kiddos are on there.

Rowdy Time

About 5:30 it gets pretty rowdy here at the Rudy house.  My children loose their minds a little bit in anticipation of daddy coming home and bath time at 6:00.
These are a few pictures I captured before I got attacked by some wild animals!!

She's One?!

Well I would really like to know where this last year has gone.  But I know that on this day about this time last year I was very relieved to have this little girl in my arms.
This is at her party on Saturday.  It is a tradition for us to make each child their own little cake to eat on their first birthday.  It took her a minute but once she figured it out it was everywhere and by the time I got it away from her she was rubbing it in her eyes because she was all partied out!!
The paper was a lot more interesting than anything in the packages and she ate some of that too!!

Here she is playing her little piano/xylophone.  It was a big hit.  We had a fun little family gathering and ate hot dogs and grilled hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon, etc.  The kids had a blast even though it wasn't very warm outside.  I think after a while Kayton even figured out the party was for her.  She got embarrassed when we sang to her at the party and this morning (her actual birthday)!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY …

The Other Two...

Peyton got way too much attention on the blog last week so here are the other two kids that we love and adore. I tell the kids we have to share everything around here and that includes time on the blog. haha   Kayton is so funny she laughs and smiles every time I get the camera out.  I am still on the look out for a new one!!  This is a shot of Dalton at Peyton's dance recital.  He just loved it.  He laughed and laughed at all the cute dances.  He is easily entertained and I am so glad.  It really makes my job so much easier!!

Spring Dance Concert

This is Peyton before the concert started.  She was a little nervous but excited to be with her class and friends. And she was thrilled that I let her wear a little but of makeup.

The dance was "Yellow Submarine"  .  This was Dance by Dee's 20th year celebration so they did dances from concerts over the past 20 years.  It was really great.  Peyton did her entire dance and it was so cute.  Miss Diane was not going to perform with the girls but they got so nervous on Monday at the rehearsal she decided she would be on stage with them.  I think it made a huge difference.  She is such a great person and she just loves these little girls.

When they all came out for the finale, Peyton's hat was in her face.  It was too funny.  She did her bow and then Miss Diane called the Mom class representatives up on stage.  (me for Peyton's class)  Peyton was just trying to get her costume off so she could go sit by Dalton and Tucker.  She couldn't see them and she kept asking m…

Peyton got Tagged...

Peyton got tagged so here goes..
Peyton Rudy born June 9 was born four days late!! Silly girl.
At three weeks she went to Disneyland for the first time!! What a brave mom I was. She slept the whole time; almost, I think I had to feed her once. She got her first teeth at 10 weeks old. She had her first Birthday in our then new house in Utah.
She loves to dress up. I get a kick out of it so I always try to catch a picutre of it. She is very social and is always talking about her girls and although she loves her brother she really doesn't want anything to do with any other boys. (I am enjoying this knowing it will not last forever)
Her hair is REALLY long as you can see in this picutre. But you would never know it because of all her awesome natural curl. She told me this day "Mom I want my hair like yours, straight". She is full of energy and can be a bully at times but she is sweet and always has hugs and kisses for everyone in her family. She gives her Grandpa Bloo…

The Ninth Month of Winter...

So I was going to have all kinds of pictures to post today.  We went to Wheeler Farm in the snow storm and I packed lunches and three kids all bundled in winter gear (on this first day of May).  We were not to be deterred, we even got out of the house on time.  We arrived in fashion at the correct location and proceeded to bundle everyone and load up the stroller.  We were waiting for the remainder of Dalton's preschool class to show; for this was his spring field trip.  All arrived and went to the Barn for instructions and our tour guide.  We started our little tour with all 25 or so of us.  Only 8 adults but it was a quiet group because of the gigantic snow flakes falling all around.  ANYWAY  I got out the camera to start snapping pictures ; I even changed to fresh batteries, and well you guess it, the camera did not work ,it would turn on, sort of, but no screen, no snap, no flash!  So now I have two digital cameras and neither one works.  I am very disappointed!  All the littl…