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Jeff Doing Service

I am probably going to get this wrong but every year the Utah Utes pick a child that is sick and wants to meet the team and/or coaches and they visit them and give them cool stuff like a signed football or other cool goodies.  Anyway this is the second or third year and to cheer me up Jeff sent me this picture of them with this happy kid.  Jeff is usually the one who coordinates and gets it all together so I am really proud of him!  Go UTES!

Church Halloween Party

Costume parade.  Dalton had a permanent grin on his face once he got that Batman costume on. Peyton is Catwoman if there is any question.  She told me she wanted to be the girl from Batman.   More smiles from Dalton. Need I say anything??? Group shot from afar.  That is Peter's camera in front.  Pretty sure his photo will turn out better than mine!!

ScareCrow Festival 2008

Blurry but you get the idea. So we braved the Scarecrow Festival again.  Even though last year I swore we would not.  There was a lot of crying and some puking last year.  We made it without most of those things this year but there were about a million people with our same idea. I was sad about this picture because one second earlier they were holding hands. We did attempt face painting basically because it was the only thing that didn't have a 45 minute wait.

Filling Mommies Shoes

Getting them on. Wrong feet of course but when your feet are that much smaller pretty sure it doesn't matter! I can't stop laughing.  High heels and jammies are truly a fashion statement and she wears it so well!

The Flu and Slushies!

Yesterday Peyton woke up with a tummy ache and kept telling me she needed to puke.  So despite several trips to the toilet and back into bed no results.  I gave her some gatorade and told her to rest quietly in my bed.  She didn't want to stay in bed alone so she came downstairs to the couch and we were all snuggling when suddenly, PUKE all over mom and before she was even finished she said "I want Daddy!"  Believe me I wanted him too. So after a few more episodes and a short nap by afternoon she was all bright eyed and busy tailed as you see here eating her Happy Hour Slushie from Sonic!!

Yes More Football!

This looks like a pretty serious conversation but I am not sure what could be that troublesome at a football game.  (Maybe this is where she was learning that we don't kiss boys! See side bar) Dalton is pretty serious as well.   Finally a smile from grandma she is getting "mugged on" by two cute girls!

Pretty in Pink and Purple

Having two girls is really quite fun.  Well most of the time!

This was kind of Fun

You Belong in 1990 With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good! What Year Do You Belong In?


Someone to take pity on me and watch my kids so my hubby and I can go on a DATE.  He has tomorrow OFF.  That never happens.  I haven't exhausted all my options but it never hurts to beg your blogging friends first (well second I already tried one person, already busy).

Happy Birthday Dad

So staying with the theme from the previous post.  I have only about 3 pictures of my dad as well so he gets one with Brook too.  She is pretty cute and we really like her so it is all good.  Happy Birthday Dad and grandpa.  We love you and hope you have a great day.  And I am going to take more pictures of you and Mom!!  haha