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To my faithful blog followers.  Sorry I have not been updating.  It has been a little crazy around here.  I still haven't even taken a picture of Dalton's casts.  I just couldn't do it yet.  I promise we are surviving and doing well.  I will post more soon.  Oh and by the way if any of you watched the Oscar's did Sean Penn irritate you as much as he did me?  I am so sick of Hollywood and them thinking they rule the world.  Grr!


fake smile
James Bond


Valentines Day

Pretty sure a romantic holiday is coming.  There are notes about parties and treats all sorts of things that excited us as kids.  Pretty sure now it just seems like a lot of work.  Sorry mom!

Better Late than Never!

Happy belated birthday to my cute sister AKA aunt Brookie.  Some things we love about you! 1.  Your laugh 2.  Your smile 3. Your passion for anything fun and exciting (ie your birthday!) 4. Your love for children (thanks for saving them) I could go on but I want you to keep reading so I am going to stop there!  We love you and hope you had a great birthday maybe next year I will get the shout out on time! (I doubt it but it doesn't hurt to think positive!)