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Playhouse Disney Live!

Some friends of ours had tickets to Playhouse Disney Live at Energy Solutions Arena today.  They asked Jeff if we might like to do something like that with them.  He said of course and then a few days ago he called me from work and asked if I knew what the hot dog dance was.  I said yes being an avid watcher of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  If you don't know what it is just tune in to the disney channel and watch and you will see what I am talking about.  Anyway, you will see in the photos Peyton on stage doing the hot dog dance in front of everyone.  Good thing I am still testing out the lens because we were on row 21.
This was at the end of the show Peyton was trying to finish off the last of the popcorn!!!
Peyton walking off the stage.
Doing the hot dog dance!

With Tigger before the show started.  They were a little nervous and Kayton was with Jeff crying! Sorry I got the pictures in the wrong order but you get the idea!

A New Lens

So Wendy is letting me trial a new lens for my camera with a better zoom.  These are some shots I did this afternoon.  I am thinking I might have to splurge and get it.  What do you all think??? Problem is I think I am going to need a new flash too ugh!

Let Me Show You How!

As most of you know I sell Close To My Heart products.  If you like this or if you like to scrap book or even if you are just a little bit interested in what we have to offer you should come by on Wednesday or Thursday night at 7:30 p.m.  Please leave a comment here to RSVP.  If you are shy or just aren't ready to reveal your interest you should click here and see more great projects and even shop online! I must give credit where it is due.  I got this idea from my upline Lynette Kankamp.  It is made using our Key To My Heart winter special.

Hanging with Daddy...

At the Utah parade!  She sure loves her daddy!

We'll take the good news....

and the bad.  We went to Primary Children's today for what I thought was an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic doctor (are they all surgeon's?).  As most of you know Dalton is a tip-toe walker and I guess based on what I told the 18 secretaries and medical assistants I spoke to on the phone they determined I needed to see a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon.  But no one told me this.  Not even the self important surgeon herself until I in all my ignorance asked if she would be doing the surgery.  To which she replied "That is why you are here!"  "Is this the first you have heard any of this?"  Um yeah that is why I have this shocked look on my face.  Thanks for asking!!!!!  Well that is not exactly why we were there.  We were there because Dalton can not stand balanced on his flat feet and I thought maybe he needed some physical therapy or something.  What he got was an xray from the waist down and an appointment for a surgical procedure to uncontracture his…

Christmas Revisited!

Peyton opening her barbie doll house
Dalton excited about his batman slippers
Kayton enjoying ripping the paper!!
Peyton happy with her Blu-ray Tinkerbell and Dalton about the playdough stocking stuffer
Shoes from Mom and Dad (Kayton's favorite gift)

Dalton showing his Mario Kart skillz!  (he hasn't put it down yet!) With the excitement of the bowl game I kind of neglected Christmas so here is a small look at Christmas morning.  We spent Christmas Eve and part of Christmas day at my parents home with my cute sister and her husband too.  It was so much fun.  The kids had a blast and Santa even knew that they had moved to Price.  It was truly a Christmas Miracle because Santa had been visiting us in Gunnison for over 30 years.  I am so glad he knew where to go. Santa we still believe!!!!!

Attack of the Fairy Princess!

Kayton and Peyton were playing dress-up and then they attacked me on the floor and then I snapped these really cute shots!!

I know the lighting is all off but I just love this picture! (that's why I am a nurse not a photog!)

Happy Belated....

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the bowl game I neglected to wish my two sister-in-laws happy, happy birthday!!A few things about them.  They are both great mothers, they are good friends to me and they both love my brothers very much!  I am so happy they are part of my family and I hope they both know how much they  are loved!  Happy Birthday Heather and Candice sorry I didn't post this sooner!

sorry I posted camping pictures but atleast they are recent!

Pour Some Sugar on ME!

So happy after the big WIN!!!
Me with Louie Sakoda.  Pretty sure this photo may be worth something someday!  haha

Jeff and I with a replica of the trophy which will now be displayed at the U!!! (not the replica the real thing) Yeah! New Orleans was a lot of fun.  I got there on New Year's Eve.  Jeff and I went to an early dinner because I had been on a plane and was starving.  We ate at a place called Zea's and I had some Thai BBQ ribs, cabbage and black-eyed peas (for good luck in the new year) and Thai snap peas.  It was very good. Jeff had fried catfish and cheesy corn grits (heavenly!!) We went to fan-fest.  The two pictures from above.  Then we went on a paddle boat dinner cruise on the Mississippi.  It was really cool.  The pictures didn't turn out great it was too dark. We went back to the hotel and tried to get some sleep but it was business as usual for Jeff with the phone ringing off the hook so we finally just got up and watched the fireworks over the Mississippi and…