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The Holy War Continues

The Utah-BYU rivalry is so big even Wikipedia has something to say about it.  All I can say is that it didn't turn out how I wanted but here is how it looked from the 4th row.

For the ESPN highlight video go here.  


Cynthia said…
Wow! Those ARE some awesome pics! Luckily, I could care less about this game. When you're an Aggie, you pretty much learn not to care about sports at all. LOL!
Unknown said…
What great pics you took! I'm sorry things didn't turn out the right way for the Rudy family...but whichever side anyone was rooting for, you have to admit it was a great game! I hope you had a great time despite the loss.
bhblood said…
We sure had a good time though! Go UTES!
Jane said…
Wow! Awesome pictures, you are lucky to have celebrity seating !
R Clan said…
That was awesome seating and awesome pictures. But, I see more red than blue. Why is that? lol jk Love ya! I really need that camera.
Ok, you take some seriously great pictures! I felt like I was sitting there watching the game by looking at them!
Lynette said…
It was a great game and could have gone either way. Turned out great for our family and I didn't have to deal with a depressed son. Hubby, son and daughter was at the game. I was thinking of you as I was watching from home. Great photos.
Mandy said…
Wow! Those are some really great shots! Hey, I also wanted you to know that I have you in my rotating blogroll on my sidebar. Just some link love for you!
Lucy and Ethel said…
Sorry you didn't come out on the 'right' side of the score, but what a gorgeous backdrop!


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