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  So this is what we woke up to this morning.  Dalton kept saying it is NOT spring and then I looked out the window and realized why.  Come on already.  I need some warm sunshine!!!!  

And a few more...

The little Rudy princesses bows and curls and all.  We are just missing the crowns!

Easter Outfits as promised!

So here are the Easter outfits a week later.  They were just as cute today as last time.  We had some difficulty with posing due to sheer exhaustion from church.   IT really seems to wear little ones out.  I wish it was enough for them all to NAP.   Oh well one day I will probably complain that they sleep too much.  I doubt that but who knows!

Family Night Out

So these are not great shots but we went to the gymnastics meet last night and it was so fun !  Dalton loved it.  Of course what's not to love cute girls jumping and running around and the crowd cheering.  We had our signs that had " RED " on one side and " 10.0 " on the other, by the end Dalton was holding his up appropriately.  I shouldn't be surprised we love ALL sporting events.  The excitement and just being out of the house it always a treat.   Utah' s team is just AWESOME and I wish we had been going to meets all year.  Peyton was disappointed because she wanted to run around and do flips like the big girls.  Kayton wasn't as intrigued as the other two and after she puked on me twice and kept fussing we left early.  But the " Red Rocks "  ended up winning the meet, and although Kayton cried the entire way home (all 30 minutes of it) she did sleep through the night which she has not done in several weeks.  Yeah!


So we really enjoyed the one good weather day and then it snowed a few inches, melted made mud, and now it is windy and freezing.  It is beautiful, don't get me wrong but it is freezing.  Jeff and I call these trick days.  Because if you look outside it is lovely but the minute you step out it is a real surprise.  Just  a tip there are a lot more trick days in Utah than there ever were in California.  Anyway now we have cabin fever and I am trying to convince the kids that some day soon it will warm up again so we can go outside.


These are not the best pictures and this is not a picture of Dalton's first bath (because we weren't digital yet) but I was just laughing at how similar Peyton  and Kayton look.  They have the same gaze and it makes me laugh that we were using the same towel for all three.  Bryce and Candice gave us that towel when Dalton was born and it has proved to be a very handy thing!!  Thanks guys.  I was feeling a little baby hungry (NOT)!  I just thought it would be fun to reminisce a little. 

A Romantic .... I confess

So the easter bunny brought us a few things.  Mostly chocolate, but it is his(or her) tradition to bring us a video.  A newly released Disney video.  101 Dalmations was the first pick and I had heard a lot of buzz about Enchanted so I thought why not, I am made of money haha.  I mean that is what the easter bunny thought.  So  we watched it last night before bedtime.  Well kind of during bedtime so after the kids went to bed Jeff and I finished it and I watched it again this morning. What a cute, wonderful, happy movie.  I can't get enough.  I really want to be that innocent and beautiful. (And of course we  all love McDreamy)  Also I forgot to take pictures of us all in our Easter gear so we are wearing it next week and will photograph then.  So stay tuned!!


So I think this is the first year we have decorated eggs for Easter in a timely manner.  The kids were pretty confused about the bunny and what exactly he was going to do and how he is going to do it but we do know that he is leaving chocolate bunnies and that is all that matters.  Dad got in on the decorating action and Kayton was having no part of any of the nonsense.  So the kids are in bed the eggs in the fridge and I think the Easter bunny already delivered his goods, (I heard rustling around in the front room).  I will post more pictures tomorrow of the cute Easter outfits!!

Happy Birthday Uncle Brett..

Uncle Brett we sure are proud of you and all the hard work you do.  Hope you have a happy birthday and know that we are thinking of you and hoping it doesn't snow on your birthday but we aren't holding our breath.  

Caught Red Handed...

She pulls herself up to anything and everything including the messy fridge and then goes exploring.  The funny part is she stops what she is doing to pose and smile for the camera.  What a sweet treasure she is in our home!!

Dinner with the Whole Clan...well almost

We all went to dinner minus our Bryce and Candice clan in Phoenix. We really missed you guys!!  Anyway we went to Ruby River in SLC and had a steak dinner celebration for Brett and Brandon's birthdays.  It was fun and for the most part we all enjoyed it.  Camden did not enjoy my camera flash sorry baby boy!  He is still pretty stinking cute.  I just realized I didn't even get a shot of Brett.  Oh well I was trying to get Jeff to calm down.  (He kept getting after the server because he always takes recruits to that restaurant and he forgot he wasn't at work.)  And I was also trying to keep Kayton entertained with multiple food dishes.  Overall it  was pretty fun!!  


So the hair is fluffy and the eyes are blue and she is just as full of it as she looks.  From playing on "Dalton's Website"  to playing catch with "daddy's football" and wearing "Dalton's hat" she keeps herself very busy during the day.  I haven't captured her doing her step hop skip dance moves yet, but when I do I can't wait to share the joy.  Her favorite things are drawing, learning her letters, singing and dancing, and anything that Dalton does.  We love her she brings a certain joy to each and every day!!

In Memorium..... (if you will)

So I am not nearly as sentimental as my own mother but as we say goodbye to the home we were raised in I do have some sentimental feelings.  It has been a good house, a good neighborhood, and a lot of memories have been made and had therein.  I am pretty sure this will be our last trip to the blue grandma house with all the insides intact.  So as we journey closer to the exit date we say farewell  "blue grandma house"  you have served us well.  We truly look forward to making just as many memories in the "new grandma house".  


From the top right down to the bottom we love our food.  As you can see here, Kayton is really enjoying her breakfast and juice.  I couldn't resist taking these cute pictures and sharing them with you.  By the time I got done she was done too.  I can just imagine what she was thinking maybe; " turn off the camera and do some work!"

Tucker over for the afternoon

Tucker our cute little cousin came over for the afternoon on Tuesday.  As I was getting dinner ready and preparing for my scrapbooking club that night he informed me "I am eating dinner here"  I thought it was pretty cute.  As you can see he enjoyed the dinner he was given.  In fact everyone enjoyed their dinner, if having it all over your face is any indication.  We always love to have company especially little company.  Tucker did not want to leave and according to his mom he cried for two hours after he left.  Come back anytime buddy, we miss you and your parents and baby Camden living close!!

The Bottom of Something Good

So I am really overdoing the whole posting thing, but I am getting the hang of this whole blog nonsense and now that I have access to my pics I am excited to use them.  So when I took this picture I was just thinking how cute those little feet were and the little tiny bottom is too irresistible.  This is probably the only picture I have that doesn't display my junkie house too. So enjoy the cutest little bottom of something good.

A Better More Recent Picture

This picture our friend Peter Loosli took.  It was what we put with our Christmas cards, and now it is hanging in the livingroom.  We love Peter, he does a great job.  He takes our pictures a lot.  I wish he could take them even more.  If you love the picture you should check out his website

First Time

So I am giving this a go.  I have no idea how this works but I am guessing I will figure it out.  It seems to be a great way to keep in touch with everyone.  As you can see our family has changed a lot in the past five years.  Our numbers and our location.  We are gearing up for teeball (mom as the coach) and dance recital time.  Kayton is getting ready to walk and I can't believe that just a few years ago I was a single career woman.  Ha Ha! 

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