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12-0 is oh so nice.  Can't wait for the bowl game.  I did not take this picture stole it from the utes website.  I did not brave the field, hugged my hubby from the stands and then drove home with the other 46,488 people.  It was a great crowd and a great end to a perfect season.

The Best Part of Baltimore

Was coming home to this!!   I didn't take my camera because I didn't know where I would pack it first of all and then I didn't want to carry it to work with me everyday while I was back there so I ended up buying a crappy disposable camera back there because everything around the hotel was beautiful.  Hopefully some of the pictures turned out okay and I will post the scrapbook page I make from those shots!

Six Years Ago today....

I became a mom.  (And I totally lost it!)  Well not completely just enough to scare my mom into thinking she was going to have to live with me for the rest of Dalton's life.  haha.  But we survived it and six years later I have three silly kids who enjoy each other's birthdays as much as their own.  We love you Dalton and hope you have a fantastic number 6!! Clowning around at lunch time! Is there a better present than transformers?  I think not by the look on his face! He is so crazy he actually wanted to pose and of course Peyton is in the background coaching!!

Girls Just want to have fun!

Since Peyton was well about Kayton's age she always needed a blanket draped over her to prove that she is a princess or queen or whatever the case may be.  Today little sis needed the same attire.  Both royal robes have special meaning to me, one was hand crocheted by my great grandma and the other made for Peyton when she was very little by my sis-in-law who is very crafty and talented indeed! Showing off her royal dance moves!  Saying "sheese"!  Does that need a translation????

Halloween Fun!

Trunk or treat.  Glad we went to Price for Halloween because I LOVE trunk or treat and I was soooo disappointed we didn't have one this year! When I grow up I want to be this stinking cute from the rear!  Note the candy in one hand the flashlight in the other in the broad daylight! This is the best cat-girl ever! (not cat woman she is not a woman she is a girl) Love the stance! Kayton is just wondering what has gotten into these people!  Thanks grandpa and grandma for making this such a great Halloween.  We missed our dad but you sure helped us have a good time!!