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A Little Surprised

I was a little surprised to see my blog is still here.  I mean I haven't even looked  at it in almost 2 months.  I was alarmed that I haven't posted since January.  Oops!  Time has gotten away from me.  I am busy training for my second half marathon.  I am doing the Salt Lake City half on April 16th.  I know you will all mark your calendars;) because well you love me right.... and want to cheer me on.  
In all seriousness I just passed my 3rd bloggiversary.  I think that makes me OLD in the blog world.  I should try to stick it out right??  
 Well here are some pictures of my kiddos playing in St. George last month.  I know that is why you all visit anyway haha!  Happy St. Patrick's Day and hopefully I will post more frequently!