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What a BEAUTIFUL day!

I wonder just what she is thinking??
I love his smile.  He is so sincere.
She is getting really good at the posing thing.  Look our VOGUE!  haha Still thinking!
I think they really do love each other! And I love my camera!!!!

Now I wonder what she is thinking. This was last Saturday the last glimpse of warm sun we had and who knows when it will be back.  Good thing I took a lot of pictures so we can vicariously bask in its rays!

Things that make me smile!

Kids playing the Wii 
A 2 year old artist
And of course when my scrapbooking order arrives! (If you would like to smile about this as well let me know!)

This is what happens

when a professional operates my camera.
Obviously I need more practice!

Thanks Wendy.  If you like these you should check out her other work. Click Here

Hurry Home Daddy

We miss you!!!!


Need to keep this picture around.   I want to remember this when they are fighting!  Which I hope never happens!

Can't resist that cheesy smile!

Casts and Rigorous activity

The casts with Nike socks and magic shoes (they are magic because they make you walk) 
We went to the Physical Therapist on Friday and they told us that we need to strengthen the core so when the casts come off we don't start walking on the toes again.

The pose I got when I asked to see the casts.  He is obviously back to his usual activities!