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There was a little girl....

Wait, there were two little girls with curls in the middle of their foreheads. And when they are good they are very, very good.  And when they are bad.... They are still pretty dang CUTE!!  (Notice they both have food on their faces)


So this is not the best before picture of the space but it was the best one I could find.  See the big open abyss with the TV in it behind a not so happy Peyton. This is what it looks like now!!  Yeah.  My brother hooked us up with Duane Alder who built us this beautiful built in entertainment center.  He is now working on some cabinets for the other side of my fridge they will be installed next Saturday. The photography is kind of lousy but the thing is gigantic and to get a great shot of the whole thing I would need to stand in the back yard hehe! After three years I think this statement is very true.  Our friend and neighbor Jeff did the vinyl lettering for us.  The house is really starting to come together.  I am not very good at home decor so just these few simple additions are really a BIG step for me.  We LOVE it!!

Happy Birthday Tucker!!!

As you can see we went Bowling for Tucker's third birthday and then to dinner at Fuddruckers.  Why we have never been there is beyond me.  Anyway it was a lot of fun.  The kids bowled one lane the adults the other.  We all scored over 100, which I know sounds lame but none of us are very good.  So it was pretty cool. Even Kayton had a good time.  The cake was yummy and the company was good!  Happy Birthday Tucker.  We love you!


Teeball has officially begun (is that a word?)  I actually took these photos on Tuesday because that was supposed to be the first game.  But as many of you know it was SNOWED out.  I had one disappointed little five year old on my hands.  We managed to get over that little obstacle and moved on to the game on Thursday.  This was just as I remembered from last year.  A lot of 4 and 5 year olds tackling and running and crying if they did not get the ball as many times as they thought necessary to be successful.  The only difference is that I am not 8 1/2 months pregnant but I am the coach.  Sucker I can hear you all saying but it was kind of fun and I know that our team is much more organized than last year.   This weekend we journeyed far and wide and I forgot the camera so there are no photos to prove it.  We started at Kindergarten Orientation on Friday then went to Gunnison overnight for a Close To My Heart workshop, then back to Price for more box emptying and throwing away of grand

I am so PROUD..

I know you have all seen the pics that my cute babysitter took, but I went to her website and they are on her site under children.  It was kind of exciting to see them on someone else's site besides my own.   Click here to see them .

Cheap shoes...

I did not mean to post these shots gigantic but whatever.  We went to Walmart today and I couldn't resist the $5.00  shoes.  With spring and summer and all the dirt and mud I figured why not.  Then I don't have to get freaked out when the kids come in covered in mud.  Just spray off the shoes with the hose and move on.  And of course mom needs a pair for yard work as well, plus for $5.00 they are pretty comfy. Just a tip:  If you happen to notice that you got overcharged for something at Walmart don't ask for a refund.  They nearly lost their minds today when I told them they overcharged me $.99.  Okay I admit it is trivial.  But I had just finished telling the checker she already rang up the item and then she rang it up two more times.  So then when the chick came over with the keys she unpleasantly said " 96 cents, are you kidding me?"  Apparently the walmart employees are making a lot more money than I am because to me a dollar still means something.  Anyway fr

Spring Lambs

We went to my grandparents house on Tuesday to see the new twin baby lambs.  (pronounced lamas by Dalton and Peyton)  They were pretty cute as you can see.  Tucker joined us and the pose for a group photo was, well interesting as you see here.  Kayton was having no part of any of it. (Come to find out she had an ear infection, her first and she is feeling much better now!)   This is a close up of the lambs they were already eating grass like mommy and running around.  Wish my kids were that self sufficient at one week.  (HAHA)  

Works of Art...

As many of you know I am a working mom.  It has some advantages, even though I hate to be away from my kids, it gives me perspective that I often need.  Anyway, because I have to be away at the same time as Jeff sometimes I had to find a dependable babysitter, which I did.  Her name is Wendy and we  LOVE  her.  She is the best.  Not only is she great to me and the kids she is a professional photographer; so when I got home from work today she had taken these great pictures and downloaded them on my computer for me.  You can see more of her work and contact info from the link listed under our favorite web sites.  Thanks Wendy these are FABULOUS!!! She looks so grown up I could just cry!! She has finally started to smile for the camera! The only shot he would let her take

Child Photography

I got a new camera for Christmas last year.  It is small and easy to use and so my children take it upon themselves to use it .  This is a shot Dalton took.  I thought it was pretty good considering.  Only problem is two days ago Peyton broke my camera trying to use it.  So now it is to the repair shop and trying to keep the children away from the camera from now on.  

My favorite time of the day...

Too bad Kayton is the only one still taking naps.  Aren't they just angelic!  haha. It is kind of hard to tell the difference between Kayton and Peyton.  Kayton is the top photo!

Couldn't resist

I just love this shot of her profile and curls I finally got her to kind of smile and those blue eyes!  Too much to handle I am afraid!


Actually Peyton's second dance performance, but she actually participated in this one.  She started off really well but then saw me and came running over yelling "I don't want to do it anymore!"  I finally convinced her to go back and this is what they were doing.  Her teacher Ms. Diane and her two daughters and their business were inducted into the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce so they had a small scale performance for the parents and members of the chamber.  The little girls show how they warm up and do rhythm exercises, and the big girls did some really great dances. Can't wait for the concert. It is May 6th in SLC, UT at the Rose Wagner Theatre. ( I think.)   The rhyth exercises are what you see here. 


Uncle Brandon we were feeling a little guilty that we posted a happy birthday to Uncle Brett and not you even though I think we started blogged after your b-day.  But whatever.  This is to you.  We love you and we are all so proud of you for all you have accomplished and gone through this past year.  I know it has been hard and long and none of us have any idea of all you have suffered but we love you, we support you, and we want the very best for you.  Stay strong!!  p.s. I need some new pictures of ya dude!!


 I  wanted to spot light Dalton today.  He is just the sweetest little boy.  He tries so hard.  Today he told me "Mom the kitchen floor is dirty, I think it should be cleaned up."  He then proceeded to the pantry took out the broom swept up the room, used the smaller broom and dust pan and put the dirt in the trash, then got the mop out and mopped the kitchen floor.  He tells me everything and I just love that special bond between a mom and her little boy.  The first picture is too funny.  It is one of my all time favorites of Dalton.  The next is how he is always playing on his belly with a car or train or building blocks or just watching his shows.  And in the picture with his dad Dalton is wearing daddy's hat. 

Jeff's input!

So I didn't think Jeff would like the blog thing or maybe he would think it was weird.  But I got an email from him this morning with this picture that was titled "something for the blog".  So here is a picture of Jeff, his dad (cute Grandpa Rudy) and his brother Jimmy and his two boys Nash and Brock.  They are all quite handsome I must admit, but I am biased.  This ,I think, was at the bowl game in San Diego, CA this past December.  Go utes!!