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Lest I Forget...

So the slacker that I am I nearly let my mother's Birthday slip my mind.  So I just spent the last 30 minutes sorting through 800 million digital photos and seriously I have um two of her with her eyes open not pointing or wearing attire specific to Christmas morning.  Just kidding mom.  I feel like you will absolutely approve of this chosen photo, and since it is YOUR Birthday and you can cry if you want to (please don't there is nothing to cry about)  I wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing to you.  I love that word I hate to tell you that I learned it because that is how they describe the flooring in the new hospital.  But I looked it up in the dictionary and it means : as pertaining to beauty.  Which to me you do or are.  It isn't all about how you look but how you act and what a great mother you were and are and what a fantastic grandmother you are.  You wear many hats and we love and respect all you do whether you think we do or not.  I feel I speak for all your chil

A Last Minute Trip

So I and the three musketeers (aka Rudy Kids)  jumped in the Mama Car and headed to the grandma house for Sunday dinner.  Mind you it is two hours away, but I was hungry for a meal cooked by my mother so off we went post the cutest Primary Program to date.  It is always a proud moment for a mother when her kids stand up to the microphone look for mommy in the crowd accept the head nod and then say word for word the pre memorized line.  And of course the little four year old hand that keeps waving and waving despite the mommies efforts to squash the enthusiasm, is really funny to all her friends mommies.  Back to the trip.  We got halfway up the treacherous canyon and wouldn't you believe that 20% chance of rain they talked about on the news last night turned into 100% and made for a really exciting ride only enhanced by Dalton's car sickness.  We made it none the less and I was able to enjoy mashed potatoes and gravy (my favorite and something I deprive myself of while dieting)

A Good Cause

My sister-in-law is very thoughtful, always has been.  Thinks of things I would never dream of.  She found this blog and I read it and cried and quit looking at it.  Not her she added it as a link from her blog and is now making quilts for the children.  Go here to learn more w .  Please donate if you can.  It is such a great cause and I know we could all use the blessings from the service.  Please spread the word and feel free to link from your blogs to the site or my sis-in-laws blog HERE  .  Thanks for taking the time!!

The Number One Team in the Conference

So I don't care how many points BYU has scored in the last two games Utah is number one in the conference this week and it is really exciting!!  Go Utes and go Mountain West for having three teams in the top 25!!  How do you like us now? 

More outside fun

In the early evening we like to go out and just relax in the back yard.  Thanks to Brett and Heather for the extra sod.  It sure made a difference in our play area!!!

I love the FALL

The cool crisp air the vibrant colors and of course watching my kids enjoy it all plus it is Football Season and what is better than a football game on a great fall day!!! Don't mind the dirt and food all over her we love that too!!


Kayton very involved in the game action.  Well pre-game action!! Dalton very excited to be at the first home game!! Dad on the sidelines talking to Coach Anderson Fireworks after the game.  Thanks to my parents for coming and helping me out!!  It would have been undoable  otherwise!! Peyton after the game.  She fell asleep on the way home and I asked her to go up to her bed and she cried and laid down on the couch and fell back asleep.  If you can't tell her head is actually off the couch and laying on the pillows that were on the floor.  Too funny. It was a lot of fun despite the minor seating issues we had.  I have now officially cooled down over the whole thing so I could blog about the game.  Haha!!!


So I get up this morning at 6 a.m. and get dressed in my business casual attire and my sweet mom drove all the way from Price leaving at 5 a.m. so that I can be ON TIME to the court house, and I am sitting nicely in my little seat and the chic comes in takes roll and shows us a video on how grateful we should be that we can serve on a jury blah blah blah.  Anyway the video concludes and the chic comes back in and says the witnesses did not show up for the trial so we are excused and our jury requirement has been filled!!  So although I am typically very  upset when people don't show up when they are supposed to I am extremely glad that they flaked at this particular moment!!  So I am Jury duty free for two years!!  That will almost get Kayton into school then I won't need excessive daycare.  haha! 


I have been called to Jury duty and I have to be there by 8:30 in the morning or they will jail and fine me.  I think 30 days behind bars sounds like a nice vacation but I am sure the price to pay is far too great to risk it.  So if anyone has any advice or can offer me any assistance in the get out of jail (I mean get out of jury duty) area please let me know ASAP!!!


No real theme for this post just really love this picture.  LOVE the new camera, (oh have I said that before hehe!!)

Life is Great in 2008

The theme for my family reunion fondly called the "Blood Drive"  This is a group shot minus a few keys family members namely Bryce and Candice clan my dear husband Jeff and cute Brook and Rich I think Brandon weaseled out of it too but he was really there somewhere. This is lovely I know but we were camping!! This was the view from the camp site.  We were in Fish Lake it was beautiful and a nice break from the humidity in Michigan.  (This was last weekend I am just slow posting!!)

First Day of Preschool

My little poser.  She was so excited to start school.  I think she was a little nervous but she had a great day and loves her new teacher Miss Amy. Her first project and note the sticker on her shirt.  It was awfully quiet around here because she and Dalton were both gone and Kayton was sleeping and since I had to work all night I snuck a little nap myself!!

Happy Birthday Paisley!!

Hope you got our singing telegram this morning.  We love you and are so happy we could see you this past weekend and help you celebrate your birthday a little early!!

Another Big House Catastrophe!!!

So anyone out there who may be a football fan understands the awesomeness that is Michigan football.  Seriously it's Michigan baby. But anyone who is a UTE fan understands what a HUGE victory this was for us this past weekend, and I was there in the BIG house yelling with 3500 other Utah fans against 105,000 Michigan fans.  It was unreal!!!  A once in a lifetime experience.  Those tickets are sold out 8 years in advance and I got to be there and watch our team win.  Thanks to my husband for letting me have this great experience. My new  camera captured some really cool stuff in fact it was so impressive to the whole coaching staff that a few of my pictures will be featured on the website click here to see a picture I took of the final score and also a picture I took will be featured on the weekly mailer that Jeff sends out to recruits.  So exciting!! This picture is blurry because I did not take it, I had to be in at least one of the shots to prove I was really there!! These are so