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A Baby Story #3

Seriously I survived I did but I wasn't sure that I would.  I wasn't planning on a natural birth, I didn't want it that way.  I wanted pain relief and that was my PLAN.  I have since learned that my plans are never the PLAN.  What I do know is that I did survive and my child survived and I even went on to have 2 more babies (un-naturally with successful epidurals).  The mind has a way of forgetting.  Thank goodness!!  And now I am so blessed to be the mother to this handsome little man.  Happy Birthday Dalton.  It was all worth it and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  I hope you have a fantastic day today!  Love you!

A Baby Story #2

I have never been an early riser I don't care to know what the sun looks like coming up really.  Okay well that is a lie now but back then 8 years ago today I didn't get up early for anyone. (I clearly had much to learn)  But I did today.  Oh yes because I was awaken by the oddest pain I had ever felt.  It was different, it was new and it HURT.  At first I was annoyed but then I realized what was going on.  I got excited... another naive assumption on my part.  The pains weren't so painful I couldn't function but I could tell they had a mission, the mission I had longed for the previous day my actual due date.  I tried to rest for I knew that what was coming would not be easy.  I was too scared to sleep for too long.  We walked, we went to Home Depot (I don't know why but I know we did) I had to stop a few times to catch my breath and then we went on shopping and waiting and waiting and waiting..... and then about 8 pm it was more than i could take.  We called the …

A Baby Story

Eight years ago today I was expecting to become a mom.  I was ready, the baby was done, and the due date had arrived.  As a naive first time mom I figured that my body just knew that on the designated due date it would do what nature intended.  That meant get the baby OUT!  I was ready I had cleaned everything in site, mopped the floor on my hands and knees, pregnant belly dragging, organized the pantry twice cleaned all the showers and tubs and had the room prepped and ready for a baby.  And yet NOTHING..... absolutely NOTHING.  I was extremely disappointed to say the least.  I resulted to a few methods that proved awful.... castor oil is no good for anything as far as I am concerned except maybe greasing a squeaky hinge.  

So I waited impatiently.  I must have been unbearable to live with.  I can only imagine.  My sweet husband was at the end of a football season which I can't even recall.  I do know he was coaching at a Junior College that is all!  I am pretty sure this was the …

Halloween 2010

Better late than never right?  We had fun trick-or-treating in the rain... but the most fun was handing out the candy while I watched the football game.  I am pretty sure they had more fun handing out candy than getting candy. (thank-goodness!! because it was a down pour during prime trick-or-treating time!)