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Eight Years!!

This is the only picture of us together I can find.  We should really get more photos together.  Anyway here is to eight great years!!   I have had two different jobs,  Jeff has had five jobs and one that included a different career path.  We have had two apartments, two homes, three kids, lived in two states.  I could go on.  It has been good times, hard work, and totally worth it.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy Birthday to a pretty cool daddy and  husband.  We love you and hope you had a great day even though you spent most of it at WORK!!

Highlight of Vacation Trip

The highlight of the vacation was the splash pad.  As you can see it involved a lot of water and tons of fun!!

4th of July Pictures

I was trying to get some good shots of these silly kids in their 4th of July gear but I wasn't very successful.  Oh well.  You get the idea.

Wet Noodle Game..

This was a game that Dalton, Peyton and Tucker invented at grandma's house.  It involved the noodles from the pool, the large floating device, a navigator (Tucker with goggles), a driver (Jeff) and splashers (grandma and Aunt Brookie)  It was very fun and even funner to watch.  I dare not post any more pictures of it because the splashers might lynch me.  hehe!!

False Alarm

So I got the camera to turn on and I did not loose all the pictures. Thank goodness. I just have to figure out if I will be able to get them onto the computer. Wish me luck!

Oh Crap

Sorry but that is how I feel.  So I never did buy a new camera.  I just went back to the old one that was working but sometimes a little glitchy (is that a word?)  Anyway for the past few days I have been trying to download photos from our vacation so I could update my much neglected blog when much to my dismay the camera decided to act up and then the computer told me it was unable to download ALL my photos because they were unreadable and I had already selected the delete originals button.  I am devastated to say the least.  So I would love to show you cute shots of little kids swimming and playing in the splash pad and I was so looking forward to scrapbooking them all.  Anyway Jeff is on his way home from work and maybe he can salvage this awful mess.  Until then I am back to camera shopping!!

Oh how sweet it is!!

One of my favorite places in the universe.  And it was just down the street from my vacation paradise in UTAH none the less!!  Yipee!

Farewell to my "so called life"...

Well for 10 days anyway.  We are going on a little vacation.  We are leaving tomorrow and not returning until the 13th.  I am not sad by any means we have big plans to consume large amounts of food see at least two movies and spend many hours basking in the HOT sun in St. George and even more time in the POOL.    So my faithful blog supporters these photos will have to last you until I return.  Hopefully armed with an arsenal of FUN filled photos!!  Stay tuned I will be thinking of you all and enjoying my BREAK !! (which I pretty much think I deserve!)