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tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I am joining up with 5mintesformom today for tackle it Tuesday. I am really behind on A LOT of things lately and not only am I going to tackle it Tuesday I am deeming this Tackle IT November. My two main projects are going to be my master bedroom and general picking up.

One of the main reasons we bought this house was because of the master bedroom, we even upgraded a few things knowing that it would be a great place for us to hang out and enjoy. But much to my dismay, I rarely even go in my room. It is messy and unorganized and the room I just throw everything into when I am trying to clean other areas. So this month I am going to make it a better place. A few things I have already done...made a comforter that I like, changed the curtains and bought paint for the walls. Of course the paint is still in the cans on the floor but I promise I will get it done this month (pending any real disasters).

We did put in this closet organizer and paint the closet. It has helped a lot with our clothes, believe me they were everywhere. Don't mind my weird clothes and terrible photography the room was a pain to shoot!

What things are you tackling? Leave me a comment and go over to 5Minutesformom and link up!


R Clan said…
I am so on that page with you! Unfortunately, my master bedroom is small. I HATE it! So I am not only needing to clean it from top to bottom but I need to figure out how to make it work so it looks like there is lots of room. :( Let me know how I can help you achieve this goal because I certainly know ho you feel.
Kari said…
Love your closet. Wish I had something big like that. Good for you on doing this. We actually started on the basement last weekend and got tons accomplished. Next is our office/playroom which seems to be in constant disarray! Needs to change and I'm getting it done little by little! Have fun today!
Tara said…
I tackle my house every Friday or Saturday. I do my "deep" cleaning every other week because I'm a clean freak like that. If I could start a cleaning/organizing business, I would. It would take me forever to clean someone's house because I'm so picky.
Rachel said…
Maybe this is what I need to help motivate me to get my house in order! Thanks for the referral to "Tackle-It Tuesdays"!
Anonymous said…
If I declare something on Tackle-It Tuesday, do I actually have to accomplish it? LOL!
Amanda said…
That is a pretty awesome closet. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I need to do a tackle it November also.
Rebecca said…
What a great closet! Our bedroom becomes the dump room of these days it will be that "sanctuary" I read about. Happy tackeling!
Tara said…
Ok--I am following along for tackle it november. I have a good sized master closet, but no organization system. Where did you get yours??
Unknown said…
You will love the feeling you get when it's done. As you know that is what i have been doing for a week. I feel so much better but have so much more to do. I can't wait until it's all done!
*~Petra~* said…
Mike and I talked last night about finishing the basement... It is framed and the bedroom and lighting is done down there... we just need to add a few electrical sockets, hang the drywall and paint. (Eventually we will put in the bathroom and stuff but I can live without that for now. We have decided we will get the electricity done, then hang the drywall one piece every weekend... sounds crazy, but we just thought that small bites would work better for us. Better than nothing anyway... we will see how it goes. :)

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