Monday, July 13, 2015

Master Bedroom Makeover Board and Batten

 I highly recommend a few items although you don't HAVE to have them it just makes this project go so much faster.  I bought a pancake compressor with three nail guns included saved me on this project and a miter saw.  I bought both from Home Depot and they didn't pay me to say that it is just where I happen to shop.  I actually had this all measured out and went to Home Depot and they cut the mdf primed boards for me.  However I later purchased the miter saw and was then able to cut things right here at my house.  The nail gun I used is a 16 gauge gun that can shoot nails up to 3 inches.  I used a 2.5 inch nail to cover the thickness of the board and wall.
Ok so I recommend deciding how you want your boards spaced first and measure and mark on the wall where you want them.  I tried to do every 16 inches because that is how far apart my studs were but then I realized my wall wasn't an even length and so I have some that look a little off on the ends.  Lesson learned.....
You will also need some liquid nails and caulk.
I did not remove my baseboards I just placed the first board just above the baseboard that gave me a nice straight line to work with.  Then I started placing the boards on the wall at 16 inch intervals.  Since the boards I used are 3.5 inches wide the 16 inches seemed perfect.  I used smaller boards in my hallway project and those are closer together at 12 inches.

Overall I love how this project turned out.  I don't have a headboard so this looks really great with my bed on this wall.  The only downside.... a few more surfaces to dust!

Don't mind the mess in my chair.  I really really love this and I have since done a few other projects using this same technique.  It has really improved the look and feel of our cookie cutter home.  I just love making it a custom home on my own.  I also refinished the bedside tables.  That's another post....
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