Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Last Minute Trip

So I and the three musketeers (aka Rudy Kids)  jumped in the Mama Car and headed to the grandma house for Sunday dinner.  Mind you it is two hours away, but I was hungry for a meal cooked by my mother so off we went post the cutest Primary Program to date.  It is always a proud moment for a mother when her kids stand up to the microphone look for mommy in the crowd accept the head nod and then say word for word the pre memorized line.  And of course the little four year old hand that keeps waving and waving despite the mommies efforts to squash the enthusiasm, is really funny to all her friends mommies.  Back to the trip.  We got halfway up the treacherous canyon and wouldn't you believe that 20% chance of rain they talked about on the news last night turned into 100% and made for a really exciting ride only enhanced by Dalton's car sickness.  We made it none the less and I was able to enjoy mashed potatoes and gravy (my favorite and something I deprive myself of while dieting).  Thanks mom we will see you soon!


SKH said...

Ooohh! Mashed potatoes and gravy make an Idaho girls mouth water. I would drive 2 hours rain, snow, sleet or hail for sure. You are so LUH-KEY! See ya Thursday.

rhettandtiffjacksonfamily said...

Sound like ever so glad your mom only lives 2 hours away so you can have HER cook for you!! I wish WV was closer. Lucky you, one more thing for me to envie :) Later Gater..

Mandy Snyder said...

I love it that you drove 2 hours for mashed potatoes ad gravy made with love. I think I would drive that long to get a hug from my mom.

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