Sunday, September 7, 2008

Life is Great in 2008

The theme for my family reunion fondly called the "Blood Drive"  This is a group shot minus a few keys family members namely Bryce and Candice clan my dear husband Jeff and cute Brook and Rich I think Brandon weaseled out of it too but he was really there somewhere.
This is lovely I know but we were camping!!

This was the view from the camp site.  We were in Fish Lake it was beautiful and a nice break from the humidity in Michigan.  (This was last weekend I am just slow posting!!)


Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

Seems like so long ago already! The cool beauty of Utah has not been good for our desert survival! You'll have to email us the not so pretty picture of us before we left. Brandon is actually in the picture and Camden and Tucker looking at each other is priceless. I was feeling bad we missed it but since we didn't get home until 10 as it was and had to buy a DVD player on the way to survive on more dark second in the van with Brant, it is good we were gone! He hates the dark, wonder where he gets that!? As always, pretty little girls in the new posts!

jallen06 said...

I actually miss the mountains and wearing pants and a sweatshirt. The only time we put those on is when its 70.. SAD HUH!!!

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