Thursday, September 11, 2008


Kayton very involved in the game action.  Well pre-game action!!
Dalton very excited to be at the first home game!!
Dad on the sidelines talking to Coach Anderson
Fireworks after the game.  Thanks to my parents for coming and helping me out!!  It would have been undoable  otherwise!!

Peyton after the game.  She fell asleep on the way home and I asked her to go up to her bed and she cried and laid down on the couch and fell back asleep.  If you can't tell her head is actually off the couch and laying on the pillows that were on the floor.  Too funny.
It was a lot of fun despite the minor seating issues we had.  I have now officially cooled down over the whole thing so I could blog about the game.  Haha!!!


SKH said...

Love starting out the season 2-0 can't wait for 3-0. Gotta love the season (It goes by so fast when your winning:)) So what was the deal with the seats??

Heather Blood said...

Is it just me or does Peyton look HUGE in that picture. She is growing up way too fast! Fun times! Can't wait for the Weber Game!

rhettandtiffjacksonfamily said...

Hi - I just have to tell you clicked on your flylady link and I think I may become addicted...I need serious help and you had mentioned it before...Thanks!! I hope I am as adaptable as I need to be, to become more, life is good! Later

Johnston Family said...

Go UTES! I love the bottom picture! She looks all tuckerd out! :)

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