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Budget Boot Camp Week 2

This weeks challenge was to make a shopping list and stick with it.  Really do people actually shop without lists?  I am so scatter brained I wouldn't remember ANYTHING I went in there for.  My problem is just buying ONLY what is on my list.  This requires a fair amount of planning which I know.  I have been coupon shopping off and on for the past 2-3 years.  
I went to one of my favorite sites  You can read more about my couponing experiences if you really want!  
Anyway I went to my favorite site and I looked at the grocery lists and my menu.  Because remember I planned that last week.   I then matched the sales with my coupons (this was NOT part of the challenge but since I have some experience with it I did it anyway).  I double checked with the hubs to make  sure I didn't forget anything then I ventured out.  I was very lucky because my husband was home and I was able to go to the store with out three children in tow.  Believe me they are so distracting!  Anyway.... I am pleased to say I stuck to my list and I saved $90!  Just shopping the store sales and using coupons.  I spent around $125 but I stocked up on laundry detergent and bought almost all of the food for our vacation this week!
Just so you know my husband is not usually so involved in my budget adventures but he has been on vacation for the past few weeks and it is nice to have him around and help out.  It has made it easier on me.  I highly recommend involving your spouse in the budget.  I know that may sound obvious to most of you but at our house I am in charge of our budget, my mistake is not involving my husband in every purchase.  I am going to be much better about that from now on.
If you want to join me in this journey please click on the button above or head on over to Mummy Deals and In Good Cents to kick your budgets butt too!

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