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How I've Been Saving a Bundle

Those of you who know me know I coupon shop. I am not embarrassed about this; in fact I usually bring it up in almost every conversation I have. I save a LOT of money doing it. I started over a year ago and my family has enjoyed huge savings on our grocery/Walmart/Target/Sam's Club shopping bill. We also enjoy a HUGE food storage that is not limited to just food. We have everything from toothpaste to soap to pasta and sauce. (Just a warning to the crazy's it is well guarded and password protected, if you get my drift!)

Anyway I did this post right after I went to the class. All the info is included to get started. Anyone locally interested in getting started or for a refresher course I spoke with Stacy last night and said she would be happy to host a gathering on how to get going. (She will come to your home and teach you how)
We spend about half what we did previously on all consumable items. I always know what is on sale and even if I don't use coupons on my trip to the store I ALWAYS buy sale items. Today for example I got boneless chicken breasts, bacon, milk, eggs and cheese ALL on sale, items we use all the time but don't realize how expensive they really are. Once you get your food storage then you can menu plan from your supply. It saves time and money you should give it a try.

Go here and enter code g84csg to get an idea of how it works. Any questions leave a comment or go to my BlogFrog forum here to participate in a more interactive discussion.


Laura Stillman said…
I am extremely impressed. I have tried many times to get into coupons, but I tend to loose interest in putting the effort in. I still secretly wish I could find the time and energy to be a coupon queen. Now, I AM a thrift store queen! With as many kids as we have, we know a lot about getting good deals and saving money.
SKH said…
I am so excited to have a class! I need to figure a guest list, but I will let you know. When can she put a class together? How many can attend? Thanks for the post!

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