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Thank You Very Much!

Thank you very much Anonymous for setting me straight.  I mean really thank you for telling me things that are NOT my business and that I do not care about.  I am a blogger and a blog reader.  I enjoy humor, pictures, and people that comment back.  I don't care if they have a crazy life..... by the way we all have crazy lives.  And if you aren't brave enough to tell me your name then I don't need to hear what you have to say!

Thank you very much Target for having Cadbury Mini-eggs cheaper than the other stores.  I mean really I appreciate saving the $.21 but if you are going to sell ones from last year that are all broken and ruined maybe they should be WAY less than that.  So thank you very much but I will pay the extra $.21 and get them at the other store.

Thank you year round school for letting this be our last week of school so we can have a nice little break. I am really tired and need a break.  Oh wait I don't go to school...  I still need a break.  Thanks.

Thanks to my blogging friends love you all!!

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How to get Urine/Sweat stains out of your Mattress

If you have kids you have pee stains I know it.  If you don't lucky you or you are a liar and in denial.  I have pee stains on more than one mattress.  I also have sweat stains on pillows because well I sweat a.lot .  It's a gift I know. I digress. Anyway I have tried many different ways to get urine/pee out of mattresses and I have been very unsuccessful so I did a google search and what do you know?  Another mom had pee stains too.  So I borrowed her recipe and it totally worked so I am sharing it with you. All you need are these few house-hold ingredients and a spray bottle.  I bought a really expensive one (NOT) I used one I had for my kids hair.  It worked great. You will need: 3 Tablespoons Baking Soda 8 ounces Hydrogen peroxide 1 drop dish soap Mix together well and use right away. My mom discovered that if it is not mixed well the baking soda will clog the sprayer.  You also can't store this apparently it doesn't last in the bottle and it is no longe

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 I highly recommend a few items although you don't HAVE to have them it just makes this project go so much faster.  I bought a pancake compressor with three nail guns included saved me on this project and a miter saw.  I bought both from Home Depot and they didn't pay me to say that it is just where I happen to shop.  I actually had this all measured out and went to Home Depot and they cut the mdf primed boards for me.  However I later purchased the miter saw and was then able to cut things right here at my house.  The nail gun I used is a 16 gauge gun that can shoot nails up to 3 inches.  I used a 2.5 inch nail to cover the thickness of the board and wall. Ok so I recommend deciding how you want your boards spaced first and measure and mark on the wall where you want them.  I tried to do every 16 inches because that is how far apart my studs were but then I realized my wall wasn't an even length and so I have some that look a little off on the ends.  Lesson learned