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Bloggography Week 5~Exposure Triangle

I have been taking pictures of everything that moves in this house... which is just children.  I was particularly excited about this challenge from last week.  I did discover it is hard to get your models to hold still while you are trying to figure out aperture, shutter speed and ISO.  This first shot I love (even though it's not perfect).  Peyton was running outside and I got her up stop for a moment in front of our white fence and I just love the blown out look.  I shot all of these with an ISO of 800 (I did  play around with ISO 1600 but I felt like my pictures were too grainy and I like to print them BIG to scrap book them)
This one I shot with  a low f stop 5.6(that gave me the blown out background) and my camera adjusts the shutter speed when I change the aperture in the mode I was using (A). I really could have done a higher f-stop but she was moving too fast for me to readjust.  Oh well.

These next two pictures don't show anything great other than the lighting is pretty good and I didn't shoot them on AUTO.  I have found I don't even like how pictures look on auto now that I know I can adjust the lighting with other methods.

If you want to learn more about your camera you should join up too.  Go visit Lolli at Better In Bulk (she uses a Canon) and visit Beth at Manic Mother (she uses a Nikon).  They both are very  great and have awesome tips!

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