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Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

Today I am joining up with Kmama over at The Daily Dribbles.  It is free therapy Thursday.  Go check her out!!

-Thank you very much In-n-Out for finally gracing the northern part of our lovely state.  We are so happy to have you!! (No sarcasm here) But you should have positioned yourself much farther than just 3 small miles away.  I am tempted daily to visit you and consume burgers and fries!!  Thanks for that!!

-Thank you Christmas for staying on the 25th of December even though a few weeks ago I asked you to move to MAY.  I am not prepared and now the anxiety has set in!  (I know I should really be thanking myself!  But why take responsibility at this point?)

-Thank you to my children for making me act like an absolute lunatic this holiday season!  I appreciate all the opportunities to yell and threaten to take away Christmas.  I have threatened to call Santa about 1000 times and it is still not working.  So if any of you have his number I would love to make that CALL!


I'm seconding your request for Christmas to move to May. Of course, I bear no responsibility for being unprepared. I'm not sure who's fault it is, but it's not mine. Of that I'm certain.
Keely said…
I'm so not ready for Christmas either..maybe if I spent less time on the computer..hmmmm..;-)

Dude! I am so with ya on the last one..what will I threaten them with when Christmas is over..oh and it totally doesn't work..used to, not so much anymore..
Danielle said…
haha, darn kids. They must know Santa will come anyways. Atleast in my house. Good thank yous & thanks for stopping by:) Come back to chat anytime.

Tara said…
mmmmm....In n Out. So hungry.
Foursons said…
I'm so glad we don't have an In and Out. I have enough trouble resisting all the other yummy restaurants!

And never, NEVER take responsibility for being unprepared. It's ALWAYS someone else's fault!
Michelle Pixie said…
One year I threatened to call Santa so many times Feather finally just brought me the phone. This year I have another approach...When they were bad they wrote a letter to Santa and now I hold it in my little hand at any moment it can be mailed. Seems to be working! ;)
Kmama said…
Ha ha ha. Great thank you's!!

The Santa thing...yeah, it doesn't really work. HOWEVER, once when Buddy was misbehaving (tantruming, actually), I pulled out the video camera and taped him. I told him I was sending it to Santa. He was so scared.

Then, today, on our way to school/work, the radio station I listened to did a Santa scares 'em straight bit where parents called in and talked about how bad their kids were and then one of the DJ's spoke to the kids and pretended to be Santa and threated to not come. It ws hilarious and Buddy was totally freaked out. So now, if he starts acting up, I'm gonna have my brother call and pretend to be Santa. ;-)

Thanks for linking up!!
R Clan said…
I call all the time. I just start dialing numbers on the phone so Tayden can hear me pushing buttons and then I hold a one way conversation. It works great! ;)
Cynthia said…
I would be totally ready for Christmas if I hadn't spent so much time helping everyone else at the last minute. Gah! I'm the last of my sister's who is still a SAHM which means I get a lot of little crisis calls. I'm worn out and it isn't even for my own family's sake.

Side note- I am about 5 miles due east of that In-N-Out but have been wise enough NOT to eat there so as not to develop a taste for it. I haven't tried 5 Guys either. Same reason.
Brandi said…
Ugh. I'm not ready for Christmas either! For the love... even with our Elf, I'd had to threaten the kids to call Santa! WHAT is wrong with them?!
Gina said…
And I thought I was the only Mom who threatened to ring Santa!
Why didnt Christmas listen? I would really it to come in May too! But then again, when May rolled around I doubt Id be any more prepared! Great Thank you's!!

Ps If you get Santa's number please send it my direction! K thanks! :P
Mandy said…
I am laughing! Thanks for the fun post!
Rachel said…
Never been to In-N-Out, but I'm afraid of the guaranteed addiction that I've been promised if they do ever come to the Northwest!

And AMEN on Christmas... where has the entire month of December gone???

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