Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I totally got burned by my photographer.  Well he doesn't photograph me just the children because they are way more photogenic than I.  Anyway I made a rude comment on his blog about not updating and he slammed me good.  But he did update his blog!!  So I am apologizing blogically (that is not a word but it didn't like publicly either)  So check out his blog here because my cute kiddos are on there.


Johnston Family said...

YOU are so cute! And you have the cutest family as well. I am really excited to do your make-up on the
5th. So I am totally not going to charge you, since it's your b-day the next day. It'll be my b-day present to you. I'm glad that we are bloggin buddies, lots-o-fun!

TheHottonSix said...

Way too cute. Those pictures are A-DOR-A-BOLE!!!!!!!!!!

Jane said...

He is taking our family pictures on Saturday, I will be sure to be nice to him if I comment on his blog! The pictures are absolutely adorable, they showcase your children perfectly. And I would never say you put the Rude in Rudy, but he is funny =)

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