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Spring Dance Concert

This is Peyton before the concert started.  She was a little nervous but excited to be with her class and friends. And she was thrilled that I let her wear a little but of makeup.

The dance was "Yellow Submarine"  .  This was Dance by Dee's 20th year celebration so they did dances from concerts over the past 20 years.  It was really great.  Peyton did her entire dance and it was so cute.  Miss Diane was not going to perform with the girls but they got so nervous on Monday at the rehearsal she decided she would be on stage with them.  I think it made a huge difference.  She is such a great person and she just loves these little girls.

When they all came out for the finale, Peyton's hat was in her face.  It was too funny.  She did her bow and then Miss Diane called the Mom class representatives up on stage.  (me for Peyton's class)  Peyton was just trying to get her costume off so she could go sit by Dalton and Tucker.  She couldn't see them and she kept asking me where they were sitting.  
It was a great concert and I am so proud of Peyton she did a great job and told me later that she had fun!!

This is a little video clip of the beginning of her dance.  She is the one on the left (as you look at the screen, just in case you don't recognize her ).


Such a doll. She looks so much like her mama when she smiles so big like that. I bet she almost had as much fun as you all did watching her. Thanks for sharing, the girls love the pictures too. Someday we'll get to the tag thing, right now we are trying to register for school, get shot records, and pay off bills after selling our house! Yeah and grr all at once!

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