Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Raising Safe Kids NOT Scared Kids

How scary is it to be a parent today?  For me a lot scary.  Considering that when I was a child there was no internet, no computers, no cell phones, and you had to actually BUY porn.  You know from a store, not online, in the privacy of your own home or the privacy or your smart phone.  How do we raise our children to be safe contributing members of society and NOT heathens that are scared of everything around them? 
If I were an expert I wouldn't be blogging as a mommy blogger that's for sure.  What I do know is what works for MY kids. Here are a few tips that might be helpful to other mothers of elementary age children.
  • Open lines of communication-I want my kids to come to me with anything.  I want them to know that no matter what; I am happy to help them with problems, issues, concerns, and I will be loving and understanding.
  • Start NOW- That means don't wait until your kids are tweens to start talking about sex, drugs, porn, and the boogie man.  I started as soon as my kids were old enough to understand hey you....
  • Don't be afraid-There is plenty of good in this world and I try to mingle in the scary with the good.  I want my kids to feel lucky and blessed to live now.  They were chosen to be here during this time.  They are prepared and I am helping them be successful and I want them to know that.
  • Love Unconditionally-We are going to make mistakes.  All of us.  Children and parents.  That is how we learn.  I try to make this apparent to my children.  Like I said I'm not an expert I'm learning as I go but this is what is working now.  These things might change but my kids know I love them because I tell them a LOT!  Then I ask them if they know.  Sometimes they get annoyed with all the loving and asking but they know and understand just how I feel.
I hope that you might find this helpful in parenting older children.  It seems like there is so much advice for new parents and once your kids are no longer toddlers you don't need any help.  Not me I need LOTS of help still so hopefully these are ideas that will work for you too.

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