Monday, January 28, 2013

Yummy SuperBowl Snack

This is the yummiest easiest treat I know how to make.  The problem is I have been looking for these corn puffs for years.  Finally Walmart started carrying them and I couldn't wait to make this treat for my family.
You start with these bad boys
 You can use the whole bag or adjust to a serving size you are comfortable with and then I use this recipe from AllRecipes.Com because it is easy and my favorite.  And my kids LOVE it.  You put the corn puffs in a bowl dump the carmel over it and stir until covered.  Advantage of this over popcorn no hulls or kernels to break your teeth on.  Trust me it is delicious!
And if you don't believe me believe them... it disappeared really FAST!  It will make a great SuperBowl snack! And who doesn't love that?
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