Thursday, January 3, 2013

Photo Story Friday....Snow and More Snow and Back to the Routine

Are you sick of my snow pictures yet?  I hope not. This week was filled with some family time, more snow time and a full return to our crazy routine.  Much sooner than I wanted.  I truly enjoyed the Christmas Break this year mostly because my husband was here the entire time.  Bitter sweet since we didn't make it to a Bowl Game this year but oh so nice to have him here uninterrupted such a luxury for me this time of year.  Anyway enough blah, blah, blah here's the pictures

Yes that is my watering can and a chair notice my previous post get more organized I realize I have a problem!
It was around 10 degrees out but they wanted to play outside so bad I couldn't say no.  They had so much fun I'm glad I allowed it.
Back to school and bundled for the bus.  The day after New Years seemed too soon to return to the crazed life but they were excited.  The house was so quiet after everyone left I had to leave too I couldn't bear it.  I'm ok with it now though.  It only took me one day to recover!
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