Monday, January 14, 2013

One Thing at a Time....

As a parent I have learned that you can't get everything done at once.  Some days I can't even get ONE thing done.  Although that has significantly improved as my children have gotten older.  Thank goodness!  I can actually brag that I am able to shower each and everyday without worrying about any run aways or major home destruction.  As I try to get more organized I have decided to set weekly goals so I don't get overwhelmed.  Last week my goals were stay on top of the laundry and stick to my menu plan.  I was sick at looking at this mess....
That's right those are clean folded clothes running over. And this is not the normal it was usually a basket full of clean, unfolded, wrinkled clothes. I was seriously sick of seeing this.  
The washing I don't mind even the folding is not THAT bad but I hate to put clothes away.  Don't ask why because I don't know why...
But I made a goal this past week that I would wash, dry, fold, put away.  And I did it.  Well with help from my littles.  And I feel so much happier because now all the baskets are empty in the laundry room waiting for this week to be filled with fresh clean laundry.
We actually stuck to our menu plan which for us it an amazing feat.  This also helped us stay on budget.  A goal I didn't even set for last week.

This week I am tackling the fridge and pantry.  I will be inventorying and throwing away. I am too embarrassed to post before pictures but I promise to show some after pictures on Friday for Photo Story Friday.  Please hold me too it! 
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