Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Tradition

Almost every year we get a nice little family day on MLK Jr. day.  Here in Utah the Auto Show is this weekend and who doesn't LOVE to see nice new expensive cars.  And of course dream a little.  We spent the entire day wandering around the South Towne Expo center and dreaming....
I look good in a Cadillac right?
I can also see myself in this baby during the summer!
I think my girls look pretty good behind the news desk too.  KSL had a small booth set up with a real camera and camera man with prompter and all.  So much fun!!  Here Peyton is reporting of an alien attack in Salt Lake City!
We ended our day with dinner at Famous Daves also a family favorite.  Don't mind the frightened looks they were anticipating the very bright flash in the dimly lit restaurant.  So I may not have worked on my organization today but I can catch up on laundry and cleaning later.  These memories were totally worth making!
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