Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Icicles.......Wordless Wednesday

Am I the only one who is completely fascinated with these wonders of nature?  I hope not, but even if I am I have really been enjoying looking at these the past few days in this frozen tundra.

So photographing them in the dark isn't very easy but they show up so much nicer than they do during the day.
Also did I mention that I am unorganized and I do dumb things like forget to cover my gas grill ugh....
I hope it isn't ruined.  Honestly I need to live in a much warmer climate.  This item is now on my seasonal maintenance list to be checked and COVERED for the winter.  Lesson learned. I am a checklist kinda girl too bad I got the checklist started AFTER the freezing started.  
I'm linking up with Lolli over at Better In Bulk and at Project Alicia and Seven Clown Circus for Wordful Wednesday since I can't seem to keep it wordless....

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