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How to Have THAT talk with your kids...

You know the one I'm talking about.... the Birds and the Bee's, the "we don't have sex before we are married", the "no drugs and alcohol" talk.  The one that embarrasses the 10 year old and makes the 5 year old scratch her head and say things like what is sex?  I'm of the opinion that if I talk about these things like it doesn't bother me my children will feel more comfortable coming to me with questions about the aforementioned topics.  
Today I brought this up while driving with all three children in the car.  I totally embarrassed my son and my daughters acted like I was CRAZY.  We had the discussion anyway.  I persevered. I yammered on feeling confident in my parenting role.  
Then I went on a date with my husband and inhaled this.
Overall, I think, after today I'm pretty much winning.  

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