Friday, December 28, 2012

Five Question Friday.....

I'm joining up with Mama M. from My Little Life today for Five Question Friday I haven't participated in forever and I don't have any great pictures for today so it seemed like a great idea!!

1. If you had to give 1 million dollars to just one person (not your spouse), who would it be and why?  My mom for sure.  I have under appreciated her for years and what a great way to pay back all her time and sacrifice by giving her a million dollars.  Although I know that wouldn't even come close to paying her back for all she's done for me and continues to do for me and my little family.

2. What bathroom stall do you typically go to FIRST? 

Funny you should ask I was noticing this about myself the other day.  Totally random I know but as a mother I tend to need public restrooms WAY more often than I want..... I always go to the second stall in.  Who knows why that is just what I do!
3. How do you prefer to shop: In-store or online?

This one depends on the time of year and who I'm shopping for.  At Christmas time online every single time!!  Shopping for myself for clothes in store for sure.  I have to try it on!

4. What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Freezing and snowy.  Just how it should be this time of year I suppose.  Although I do dream of Hawaii sometimes even though I've never been there!
5. Do you own a pair of Tom's and what do you think? Overrated, underrated or about right?

I have one pair of Tom's.  I like them but I can't wear them year round and they aren't as comfy as I thought they would be.  I guess a little overrated but I always get lots of compliments when I wear them so I guess other people LOVE them.

Well there you have it.  Random day random answers random fun!
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