Monday, August 16, 2010

Budget Boot Camp Challenge #7~Grocery Price Book

The challenge for this week was to create a Grocery Price Book.  Not to difficult right?  But why on earth would I want to write down the price of everything I buy?  Well I will tell you why because then you know when items you buy frequently hit rock bottom prices.  Now who wouldn't want that info?  I certainly would because if I know when it is going to be the cheapest I can maybe live without it for a week or so right?  Beth tells us that most items go on sale in 6 or 12 week cycles.  When items are at rock bottom that is when you can stock up on those items especially items you use a LOT.  

Beth has some awesome suggestions in her post about the price book.  She being the crazy organized person she is created a spreadsheet that she generously shares with us all.  You should definitely check that out.  
For now I am just using a notebook and making notes of what I am buying and what is on sale at that time.  Once I have a few weeks down I am going to attempt the spreadsheet.  They scare me you see... 

As always check out our facebook page for more great info on how to get your budget in shape.

On another note I am starting to see some real savings at the grocery store.  Last week I shopped the sales and used my coupons.  I spent $74 and saved $79.  I always do a little happy dance when I save more than I spend.  I am sure the people in line behind me enjoy this as well haha!  Oh I also got $7 back in vouchers for my next shopping trip.  That is my favorite part as well.  So really last week I made money at the grocery store.  Well almost.... haha!  
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