Monday, July 19, 2010

Budget Boot Camp Challenge #3

Challenge #3 was to try Generics.  Clair had some great tips and ideas.  I am not going to lie this is the HARDEST part for me.  In fact one of the main reasons I started coupon shopping to begin with was because I could get my name-brand stuff for a better deal and still buy the products I LOVE.  

I am going to have to say I probably failed this challenge.  I mean there are some things I just won't budge on.  I know have I mentioned I am stubborn?  

You will all be pleased to know that I did still make a list and followed it based on my menu planning.  Hooray for small victories.  I went to Smiths they are having a big sale on some things that I needed.  I mostly bought fresh vegetables I stocked up on toilet paper and mayo.  I just won't budge on TP sorry I have tried and it is one of those products I just can't buy the store brand.  I did however buy the brand that was on sale and I used a coupon.  I price matched the mayo and with the sale and my coupon it was cheaper to buy the name brand than the store brand so I stuck with my plan there.  I also got a great deal on some snacks and lunch items for my kids. 

Anyway I spent less this shopping trip around $78 and I saved just over $30.  I felt good about that considering I got all the food we will need for the week and stocked up on some items.

Items I will buy generic:  butter, some cheeses, cream cheese, milk (if the store brand is cheaper), garbage and storage bags.

Items I just won't budge on:  frozen and canned veggies I have tried the generic and I just can't eat them sorry, cleaning products and laundry detergent, and as I already mentioned toilet paper.  

I have found that a lot of generic items are just as good as the name-brand I have tried them and I still use them if I am out and my favorite brand is NOT on sale.  I do love getting name-brand stuff cheaper than generic though.  That is my favorite part of coupon shopping.

For more Budget tips visit Clair or Beth and see what the next challenge will be.  Also head on over to our facebook page for our latest updates and give-aways.
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