Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reasons You Should Attend a Blogging Conference

1.  Meeting your online friends in real life is amazing!
2.  You can talk about blogging and not be worried that others won't know what your talking about. (or that they will think you are crazy)
3.  Vendors, vendors everywhere!
4.  Free goodies from awesome businesses!
5.  Networking

After attending the Casual Bloggers Conference I feel like I can conquer the world.  Well not really but here a few highlights.
My favorite class was on organization.  It was taught by Marie Ricks from House Of Order and Sarah Kimmel from Organized Mom (dot) net and Tech4Mommies (dot) com.  They gave me some really great tips and ideas.  More to come on this one!!

I was also privileged to meet the wonderful founders of The BlogFrog Holly and Rustin.  You all know that I LOVE them already but it was amazing to meet them in real life.  We all went to dinner on Friday night and it was like we were old friends!

I was also so excited to meet my friend Lolli from Better In Bulk.  She is just as fantastic as I thought she would be.  We both said it felt like we had known each other for years.  That is the great thing about meeting blogging friends we really have known each other for just over a year.  We met through BlogFrog and we have been emailing, blogging and tweeting.  She taught an amazing photography class that goes along with her Bloggography series.  Here we were enjoying a sandwich waiting to hear Courtney from C-Jane Enjoy It.  She was amazing.  More on that later too!

(I obviously did not take either of these pictures so I can not be held responsible for how they turned out!)
Coming up this week right here.  How to improve your SEO, finding your voice, faith in blogging and MUCH more about how to get organized (or rather how I plan to get more organized!)
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