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Toy Volcano Neutralized

Day two of mission clean the Rukus house.  
07:00 am  Up kids in shower 
07:30 am Every one dressed and downstairs for breakfast (in a clean kitchen)
07:45 am Scripture study
08:00 am Waiting for bus
08:15 am Kids out the door to school
08:30 am Mom and youngest ready to go to school to help in classrooms
09:00 am Out the door to school
11:00 am Back home quickly vacuum living room for company
11:30 am Peyton home from school friends arrive
12:00 pm  Lunch (lots of good conversation and fun)
1:00 pm decorating of cupcakes

02:00 pm friends leaving for one year old nap time 3 year old did not want to leave so she stayed and watched Princess and the Frog
02:30 pm  Realize I have not done my daily cleaning to post find a really messy spot and photograph it
03:00 pm frantically start cleaning messy area and sorting 
03:45 pm Dalton home from school encourage him to quickly eat snack and get started on homework
04:00 pm start searching for friends shoes and socks so we can take her home.
04:05 pm FRANTICALLY looking for shoes and sock of friend in a panic that we have lost said shoes and friend will never be allowed to return
04:15 pm completely losing it call friends mom and ask if she knows where shoes are (she does she took them with her)
04:16 pm huge sigh of relief load everyone into car 
04:30 pm friend back to her home her dog escapes as we are dropping her off OOPS!
04:45 pm In and Out for dinner
05:00 pm back home finish dinner and homework get girls ready for dance rehearsal
05:30 pm girls out the door for dance rehearsal; homework resumes
05:35 pm resume frantic cleaning and sorting and taking pictures of finished product
05:55 pm husband home and promptly takes son and leaves to run errands
06:00 pm Me out the door to dance rehearsal
07:45 pm back home runs upstairs to get 5 year old to bed and rock 2 year old who refused to let her father rock her
08:15 pm posting so that everyone know that I cleaned despite my crazy RUKUS!
Before and after pictures.....


I sorted the clothes and have a box prepared for donation.  All the toys are neatly placed in their corresponding bin and there is actually a spot to play in the TOY room.  Mission toy room and sorting accomplished.
Happily linked to Angie over at Seven Clown Circus for Wordful Wednesday.

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