Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's the Little things.....

It is the little things that make my life NOT so crazy.  Are you sensing a theme this week?  It is completely unintentional I am not that organized!  My daughters and I went for a walk yesterday morning and enjoyed the sunshine and the warm weather.  We went to the park and they played and I visited with a neighbor I don't know very well.  It was nice to relax and make a new friend.  I have no pictures of that adventure.  When I arrived home I did find this on my doorstep

Remember I posted all these cleaning posts?  I entered them over at the Mom Loop BlogFrog Community and I won this lovely Scrubbing Bubbles gift basket.  I was so excited.  I already tried out the cleaner and I love it!  My favorite part was the Aqua Notes.  It is a note pad and pencil you put in the shower so when you have ideas or remember something in the shower you can write it down.  How genius is that? 

So what little things help you slow down and enjoy your crazy life?
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