Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have too many Bathrooms!

Yesterday was clean the bathrooms day.  ALL three of them.  That is about 3 too many.  Oh wait we do need at least one right?  So  when we first moved into our house I was a little surprised that there were no towel racks or toilet paper holders NOTHING.  So 5 (yes 5) years later I am still trying to find the right towel racks and trying to make my bathrooms look nice.  So not only did I clean I did some make overs too. 
This one just got cleaned and it is so small it was hard to photograph and really I wanted to show that it SMELLS better.  Because really that is the trick of cleaning the bathroom right?
This one got a new towel rack with towels that match.  Now it seems more complete to me.  This is my kids bathroom and it is always a disaster!
This one is still getting a makeover.  I bought all the towels and rugs last night. I am in the process of painting it a light gray (Dolphin Fin).  I also want to put in new floors and a backsplash around my giant jetted tub but that hasn't happened yet.  It will and when it does I will post that too!
See the taping on the floor I am repainting the base boards too.  But notice mostly the reflection in the shower door because it is never that clean.  
Oh and can you guess what I am working on today?  
Don't forget to come back tomorrow and link up all your cleaning posts.  I will have the Linky up so you can join in!  Want to see my other projects they are here.
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