Monday, May 3, 2010

Day One Success~ Kitchen

I know totally gross right?  Don't worry it looks better now.
I started with these tools.  No they did not pay me or give any of this stuff to me for free.  It's what I use.  Those are my basics and really it is all I need plus a little "elbow grease"  as my mom always told me.

I cleaned the microwave inside and out and polished all my stainless steel.  (Microwave, stove, and dishwasher).  I looked in my junk drawer and went to town.  This is after and if you still think it looks bad you should have seen it before.  And no I am not a pyro we just grill a lot and we use a charcoal grill.

This has been an eye sore forever and it has been bugging me more and more so today I did something about it.  It isn't perfect but WAY better than before right??
And drumroll please the final product!

Not too bad right?  Now as Jay-Z says "On to the Next One!"

PS~~ one more thing.  So you don't want to post along with me on your blog??  Head on over here and post your pictures in the blogfrog community or leave a comment with a link to your pictures and you can win some scrubbing bubbles cleaning products from my friend Quirky Momma.
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