Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank You Very Much!

Joining up with KMama today over at The Daily Dribbles for free therapy Thursday.

To the muffin top residing around my mid section.  Thanks for coming around and making me feel oh so beautiful.  I love that you spill over the top of my most treasured jeans.  Move on already I have had enough of you.

To the sweet girl that stomped my sons thumb at recess.  Thank you very much for almost breaking it and making it swell and for rendering it completely useless. Thanks also for requiring me to take him for x-rays. 

To the sun for finally showing yourself....  You are LONG overdue.

Thanks to you for coming here to visit and thanks to everyone that left a comment yesterday.  You all made my day!! {this one is without sarcasm}

Head on over and visit The Daily Dribbles to see what others are so very thankful for as well.

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