Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reasons Why I am so Tired...

This week I wrote about changing my perspective.  Turned out a lot of my blogging friends agreed with me.  So I worked really hard to be a better mom this week.  
We had to have two sets of xrays of this thumb.
Turns out it is not broken and obviously has not hindered the playing of the Wii.
I was cleaning the kitchen and heard some deep breathing and walked over and this was what I found.  She was exhausted.  
He actually posed for these.  He doesn't love the camera (probably because I always have it out).  He came home on Thursday after school and said "Mom I need my science project for tomorrow to show my buddy!"  So we spent a few hours developing a science project for a first grader.  Never fear it was a HUGE hit.  Thanks to the internet and some twitter friends.
Last night before flag football practice I actually requested crazy faces and this was what I got. 
These are only a few reasons I am so tired and I wouldn't have it any other way!
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