Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BlogFrog they just keep getting better!

I love BlogFrog we all know this.  Here are some reasons why....
1.  They have excellent customer service (and it is FREE)
2.  They make changes based on customer recommendations
3.  They help to make your blog a Community
4.  Did I mention it's FREE??

They had a HUGE launch today of some new features and a re-design to all communities.  It is very exciting!  I am posting a video tutorial for those of you who just don't know what all this is about.  I think you will find it very exciting and easy to use.  Feel free to share it with others and learn how GREAT blogfrog is.

Video Tour of BlogFrog's New Site from Holly Hamann on Vimeo.

I am also posting a video about how to use the community feature.  When you are done watching head on over to my community and participate in a discussion.  Better yet go start your own community and see what BlogFrog can do for you.

How to Participate in a BlogFrog Community from Holly Hamann on Vimeo.
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