Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Swapping

Big Mama Cass' Button
Hi, my name is Cass and I will be your guest awesomesauce... err.. I will be
your guest poster for today. Please make sure your seat belts are locked
and your tray tables are stowed and put away. Heh heh

I usually blog over at The World Through My
(duh, like there's the button right up there) pssh. *eyeroll* Oh
and I might have a teeny tiny sarcastic side. Tiny. But don't worry, you
will love me in no time. There may or may not be sublimLOVEMEinal
messaIAMAWESOMEges thoughout this blSENDMECHOCOLATEog. Just saying it might
be possible. *snicker*

I post a recurring blog over at my tiny little blog abode called Things I Have Learned From My Toddler. This is
the 6th in a series of bizarre things I have learned that you may or may not
be able to associate to. It will make it easier if you have a kid, and the
chances are good you will get your tubes tied after reading this if you
don't. HAHA!

I know you are on the edge of your seat so here ya go. I hope you enjoy!

I have learned that once you become a mother, you can scrape a
chewed up sandwich from the roof of your toddlers frustrated screaming
mouth, wipe it on a napkin, and then go back to eating your own sandwich
without a second thought.

Whoda thunk it?
I have learned that no matter how much I beg and plead, macaroni
and cheese is and will remain a finger food. The fork is just for

I have learned that when Monkey giggles and says "I toot!" it's in
your best interest to check and confirm if it was indeed a toot and not a
wet toot. Wet toots require immediate attention.

I have learned that in there is a boob within 50 feet, Monkey will
find it and MASH his face into it. And he isn't partial to a particular
boob. It can be a Mom boob, or Dad's manly boob, Grandma's boob or even the
Nanny's boob. He is just happy to have a boob to squish his face into. He
even started mashing his face into Jasmines puppy nips! It's so bizarre.
The kid is frickin' obsessed. Is this because he wasn't breast fed long

Well at least he doesn't stick his face in my cleavage and make motorboat
sounds in public anymore. Cause that was totally not embarrassing
at dinner with 12 of my family members or in the airport in front of 50
people intently watching "how cute" my little man is.

I have learned that Monkey prefers the 14 dollar Penne Gorgonzola
and Roasted Chicken instead of the 3 dollar chicken nuggets. He apparently
IS his mothers son. *sigh*
I have learned that if I leave Monkey alone in my bedroom for 5
minutes while I partake of the "facilities" I will come back to all of the
sheets and blankets being removed from my bed and put on the ottoman in the
living room. *jaw drop*
And where did I find him after finding the linens on the sofa?
Sitting comfortably on my linen free bed. I just have no words. Like what
do you say to him after he does that??

I have learned that when my toddler is throwing a screaming fit in
the car, I just throw on some Black Eyed Peas or Ke$ha, and he immediately
stops crying and starts dancing and smiling. They are his favorites.

I hope you enjoyed my guest post today. I promise sometimes I am
not this lame. Ok, I am always this awesomely lame. It's part of my charm

Random topic of discussion: What is something your toddler has
put in their mouth that you thought "I know I should take that out but...
eh... it won't really hurt them, right?"

Make sure to head over to to
read you regularly scheduled Rudy Rukus as well. :)

Happy Thursday!

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Hi all hope you enjoyed my guest post today.  She's really funny right?  Love her.  So please show her some comment love like you always do me and head on over and visit her blog as well, as I am her guest today too!
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